One Eyed Man Beast

Stopping in mid air, Eric felt how he started losing control of his own body, as if he was just a passenger in a Wagon he can't drive!

The Fire blasting through his eyes rose higher and higher until it became 2 meters long, sparing his eyebrows but he could feel his hair sizzling from time to time!

Spreading his arms wide, maneuvering his feet good enough to spin in mid air at the same exact spot, starting to break fire from his palm after, a base for a tremendous force has been set although he has no control of what's happening right now!

"What's he doing?" Stefan complained with a little shout, once he noticed that Eric isn't flying back down.

Being overwhelmed already by the approaching enemies, Mogranius started shooting three Fireballs at once over and over to tame the masses.

Buying himself a second to gaze upon the sky, Mogranius immediately noticed what's happening and with a high pitched tone he yelled. "Aaah shit."

A lot of Guards were shocked but yet interested towards the Fire expanding on the sky, they stopped on their spots although they already climbed on top of the Debris! 

This gave Mogranius an advantage, because he had more time to shoot down the Guards who didn't stop because a little show.

Eric felt himself getting surrounded by cone like walls, or we can better call it a Fire Tornado! Although not in control, he is forming a freaking Fire Tornado!

It didn't even take a quarter of a minute for the Tornado to explode in size, stretching over 20 feet tall in one second and becoming over 60 feet a blink of an eye later!

Back on the ground, Mogranius started walking a step backwards by every Fireball he shot, sensing what's about to happen next!

Eric stopped spinning and stopped blasting Fire from his hands as well, giving a bit more power to his feet in aims of flying out of the Fire Tornado, now it's time to put this thing into use!

Eric stopped blasting fire out of his feet once he reached the top, clapped his hands and started falling down from the sky, with his hands deep in the Tornado!

Forcing the whole thing to split in half by each second he fell down from the sky. The Tornado's momentum deformed heavily as it split, but Eric remained unharmed!

In just a few moments, the Tornado went from spiraling elegantly in the sky to deforming into a more wild, spread out and even a considerably more dangerous form. 

Imagine a Tornado being split vertically in half like a fruit tart.

That's how he split the tornado with his current hand positioning, which sank down deeper every second he reached the smaller areas of the Tornado as if he was sucked in although that wasn't the case at all!

He lightly fell on the ground as if angels carried him down, the aftermath of the split Fire Tornado following him down as well, under his control as if it was easier than swinging a sword.

Eric connected the two raging pieces of fire together and like an ocean wave he led it against their enemies, blasting through the rumble Mogranius caused and completely obliterating everyone who dared to stand in front of the Fire.

Howls of pain haven't become an option, because the Fire is so hot that it doesn't even allow the enemies a second to live. Their armour gets burned off, their bones and flesh too as well as their ashes, all in a second or two!

That wave of fire singularity burned over a hundred illustratian guards in seconds!

The Fire rolled down across the entire main road, at the edge breaking the big wooden main gate down as if it was nothing.

The young Electus burned every living creature who dared to oppose him, except one.

One illustratio!

This one didn't seem to be an ordinary guard, not at all.

He was even wearing a thick Silver armor which was not what Guards are clothed with.

That extreme fire Eric released couldn't burn that man, or is he a man?

In a split second that man who seemed to be almost a hundred yards away, now was in front of Eric which forced everyone in the group to take a step back in shock except Eric who was forced to stay, he can't control his body after all.

Looking eye to eye or dare I say eyes to eye, one powerful person met another!

Hesitant to yet speak, but curious towards Eric's burning eyes, speaking became irrelevant and the sounds of sizzling Fire around them gave a stronger atmosphere.

Although unable to speak, Eric felt convinced that he burned this man with that wave of fire a little earlier.

Because this manbeast only seems to have one functional eye, his lips were burned and full of scars. His nose seems to be completely cut off, and he didn't have hair on his head.

Although some green colour on his skin visible, his head looks like a chunk of coal!

Eric didn't hold back, or whatever controlled him, didn't hold back. 

He continued to blast fire out of his hands, slapping much like a bear he kept throwing left and right slaps.

Those fire strikes seemed to light houses behind the burned man on fire but Eric's target remained untouched. How?

So Eric stopped blasting Fire, glancing at the Manbeast!

The oddly overpowered creature said "I'm your superior, child. Stop trying."

Feeling control of his own two arms and legs again, seeing the Fire lit on his eyes delicately shun down in three seconds, Eric immediately asked. "Who in hell's name are you?"

Turning around and walking away, the Manbeast answered with a gasp for air. "Your heart will be mine."

Afterwards the creature disappears in the blink of an eye, like he vanished completely.


Just like that, gone!

As the creature disappeared, so did the fire Eric alighted when he kept throwing shots but kept missing his target and hitting houses instead.

Eric turned to Mogranius with his eyes widened up in shock and yelled "How is this possible? Who was this man?"

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