Bear Claw

"Because??" Pulling his head back in shock, no doubt rattled. Chan didn't really know what to expect, he is more clueless than ever.

Recalling his victory over the Ignite Fire Controllers, he couldn't help giving an internal smile and answered shortly. "Because... I found use out of them."

In all ways not able to understand this nonsense, being raised to hate Ignites and never spare Fire Blasters, with his tone raising word by word Chan asked. "But... those Demons! They will betray you!"

Trying to set a base of what happened, for this not so informed Guard Commander, King Xakro pondered. "They are but they do... not pose a threat. They are my loyal... slaves. Just like you but not quite." 

Still confused as hell, and noticeable all over his face since he has his eyes closed and his head pulled back.

Noticing the puzzle that Chan is facing, the King continued to give a brief explanation. "They are under my mind... control, for example Bear Claw... she is a battle expert."

Having no clue who Bear Claw is, never even hearing about her in rumors or banter usually spread in taverns, he finally found a way to be flexible with his wordplay. Found other questions to ask instead of making it clear to the King that he had no idea who Bear Claw is.

At this point, he might actually get shot if he doesn't know anything again. "You let her survive? I can't understand why you did that, but Ignites can't be trusted even when under mind control!"

Noticing right away what Guard Commander Chan tried to doo, the King felt satisfied for indeed fear is one of the best teachers.

The King decided to not say a word about it and stick to the main topic instead of wasting more time. "She wasn't allowed to use her powers... at first. But... I saw her in action. She took out two hundred Guards... using Basic level Three spells."

Hesitating to shame his own Platoons of Soldiers for a little while, he found a way to do it while shifting the blame on Bear Claw. "She was toying around... with the Guards. As if they were no threat at all.. Used every bit of her ability... demonic." 

Triggered and slightly yelling, Chan added. "She took out two hundred Guards. Did you punish her sire? She killed a lot of our own. That shouldn't be left unpunished."

Even though a basic illustratian mindset, King Xakro enjoyed these words a lot. It shows that Xakro's father and his grandfather's work proved useful.

But of course the all powerful King does not like how a simple Guard Commander questioned his decisions, so he bashed his hand on the throne's support arm, broke it off and shouted. "I do not need a Citizen to show... me how to be a Grand King."

Trying not to get himself killed, Chan's tone shook as he begged. "My apologies Sire." 

Finding an excellent idea since Mind Control has become a topic, Chan pitched it in order to excuse his stupidity. "Why don't you use mind control to bring the Electus here?"

Surprised how Chan managed to think this much right after fear even, the King decided to not blow a fuse and explain as a form of appreciation from his side. "I would need to... grab his head for that but he is also immune... to mind control."

Cutting the conversation short, since the all important King doesn't want to talk to this fool all day, he ordered. "You will go and find Bear Claw... and have her kill that child."

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