The Underground Volcano.

Ignoring the Drama and trying to figure this puzzle out, as they've walked deeper in the Tunnel he asked. "How do you think the source just disappeared? Snap! Like that? Does it fade out? I doubt it ages, it's the Source!" 

Shrugging her shoulders, her tone descending lower. "I know less about the Sources than you do, I was hoping that you know more."

Snapping out of his love bubble, able to use logic again. Mogranius asked, "Do teleportation spells have time travel included? Because I literally teleported two hundred years into the future." 

Being grown up around Kastarians, she of course had a couple of things to say, at least about time travel. "A small portion of Grand Masters could time travel, but I'm guessing that while the Source dying out, even Hatchlings could have done it accidentally." 

Although talking won't solve such a problem, he feels a tad more relieved to figure out what happened. Expressing, "Believe me, I don't want to live in this Hellhole of a time zone. But it has good things too, like I got to meet you."

Liking that, but looking at the ground to hide her blush. She decided to fight everything off with a tease. "This isn't right old man, I'm only three hundred years old. You look older."

Smoke came out of Mogranius' ears, his tone cracking as he yelled. "I'm only fifty eight years old. How can you be three hundred years old? And why didn't I ever hear about the Kastarian race before?" 

Noticing clearly that she managed to piss off Mogranius greatly, she reacted in a calmer tone to add more wood to the burning fire. "Well a Kastarian's average life span is 700 years, so I'm quite young. And you never heard about us because we chose so." 

Asking a question that any individual who has a fancy for another would ask, " 700 years!? How many men did you meet that were worth your time?" 

Finding the courage to finally make eye contact with Mogranius after her blush faded, she boldly replied with. "One."


Upon entrance, a huge hole was to be seen in the middle of this extensively large cave. The hole itself seemed around half a mile wide, as if an actual Volcano sunk down underground and its form remained unchanged.

Inside the Volcano walls, hundreds upon hundreds of tunnels leading to likely bigger caves, personal rooms, natural resources, storage rooms, and the 7 Sources know what else would be there.

The point is, there are a lot of entrances and space management seems superior. 

Six foot wide walkways are to be seen, spiraling down the volcano. So its people could easily walk where they please, making living in a Volcano easier.

And at the very bottom, Lava is of course to be seen. Half a mile of boiling hot lava, providing enough heat for the Hundreds of people here.

Who knows how deep that lava pool goes?! Could be a couple hundred yards, could be a couple miles. There may even be many branches the further they sink down or of course it could be just 10 meters deep. Hard to tell. 

The lava is so boiling hot that Eric and Mogranius are able to feel it even though they are half a mile away from it, making one think if Lava is supposed to have such an effect. Giving the feelings that something Holy is going on here. 

Eric speaks out with a tear on his eye, tad funny to watch. he's filled with admiration. "I've never seen something so beautiful. I want to jump in but I'm afraid that It would turn me into a fish stick. And I hate fish sticks." 

Trying to set some boundaries to these plausibly troublesome people, Commander Alia approached closer and kindly explained. "Amazing isn't it? But we shall not go all the way down, the bottom of it can boil your blood. Only the Grand Masters can handle being a foot apart from the lava." 

Having it tough resisting to admire such amazing race, culture and powers. Questions kept popping in the kiddos head, but only a few felt appropriate to ask. "Grand Master you say? So their levels of ability is measured on literally how much heat they can handle?" 

Alia's replies remain with a calm tone, likely a bit tired from having to explain everything to practical strangers. "Yes yes, heat endurance is based on Levels but there is another reason why the Grand Masters are down there." 

Eric speaks out with curiosity, actually willing to know more, fascinating. "Another reason you say? Well do tell. I never enjoyed learning this much." 

Mogranius follows in a mocking manner. "Believe me, he is speaking the truth." 

On her last nerve, not enjoying this little Banter. Commander Alia yells out, "Silence!"

But right after, she proceeds to speak under a sweet tone. "Let's continue. In case of attackers, Grand Masters provide the troops with lava enough for hundreds of the Calidum Lutum to control. Even though there are only five Grand Masters." 

His mouth hanging open, shocked at such capabilities. All the old man can say is, "Only five Grand Masters capable to provide enough lava for hundreds of people to control? Astonishing." 

Wild ideas going through his head, Eric added. "One of those Grand Masters should mentour me. But do they control the lava upwards straight from the Volcano or do they blast it out of their body like Fire Blasters do?" 

Looking at the lava beneath her, smiling and enjoying their excitement a bit more now, Commander Alia replies with. "They are actually able to do both, blasting Lava out of one's hands is only a skill Grand Masters have though." 

Mogranius speaks out again with yet another question, if he had a piece of parchment to write all of this valuable information down, he wouldn't drop the quill until the last drop of ink. "So the Grand Masters are like the source of Power. What do the Witches and Wizards in other levels doo?" 

Hopping that all these questions will soon meet an end, her explanation became tad extensive. "Everything here is balanced. The Grand Masters are the source of Lava while the Masters on the other hand are able to pick up all of that terrifying amount of lava and filter it. They seperate it in tens of pieces and fly it up to the Experts." 

Eric follows through and asks yet another question, "The Grand Masters provide all the lava but the Masters seem to hold greater responsibility. Or am I wrong?"

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