Rough Skinned Beast.

While Woldemir was fighting two of the Elite Archers who seemed to have decided to fight against him with their bare hands since of course they got disarmed by a man with a stick.

One Elite Archer grabbed the still functioning Bow, belonging to the Archer who was stepped on and killed by BlackWind.

The reason this Archer rushed for the bow, was not to shoot down Woldemir but because he both saw a light from afar and he felt the ground lightly shaking.

But unlike Eric, the Guard isn't far away however his pitch dark body colour gave him advantages in this dark tunnel.

Having an Arrow pulled against the bow, the Archer shot as soon as the Calidum Lutum Guard was in obvious sight, about twenty foot away from him.

Woldemir felt the strong vibrations too, but he was busy with a couple other Guards so he couldn't stop that Archer from shooting.

The Arrow split through the air and pierced the Guard's Skin with ease, the body of the Arrow followed and went halfway deep in his chest, almost hitting his neck or its Vital Organs.

But unlike an explosion, an Arrow penetrating his skin was no more than a scratch against such a large man. A simple wound that will fade away in a couple of weeks.

Well at least that's what he's feeling under complete rage, once the rage disappears, the pain will likely be different but not enough to kill him. 

But for now, the Arrow did obviously not stop the Guard on his spot. It didn't stop the Guard at all as a matter a fact, he kept going with his insane pace.

With his right shoulder brought upfront, the Guard ran over the Archer like a big angry boar.

And after taking several meters to stop his speed, managing to stop in a rather short time compared to his size.

He pulled the Arrow out of his left side of the chest without effort and of course without breaking it. Blood burst out of the fresh wound a split second after, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

Holding the body of the arrow firmly, with all his might he threw it against the Archer with the most brutal speed a ten foot man's strength has to offer.

The Arrow thrown, penetrated the back of the Archer's head, made its way through the whole skull quickly and surfaced on his forehead.

The Two other standing Archers, considered elite, witnessing the death of their partner in war made them urine their breechers as the Calidum Lutum guard turned his attention towards them.

When the large Guard started approaching, the two remaining Archers quit fighting, bent the knee and begged to be spared. 

But of course all the Guard could see was his actual brother by blood, being shot down and killed by these ruthless people.

Why the hell would he have mercy on these Archers now, when they would do it again at any given chance?

The Guard grabbed both of them by the neck, lifted them above ground by a foot and is witnessing their death on his hands as they're gasping for air.

The more they kicked, the more he tightened his foot long hands around their necks.

A minute passed and the two Archers weren't kicking anymore.

In a way, they had the pleasure of having the least Brutal death compared to the rest of their little bold group.

The innocent Guard's death has been well avenged, he can rest in peace now.

Woldemir watched in slight fear as he saw three illustratio archers being killed by one man, any Calidum Lutum in general proved to be a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Eric reached the battle field and landed on his feet. He instantly noticed the total destruction one Man caused, it distracted him enough to forget about the pain he felt on his feet and the less painful but more irritating one from the Arrow scratches.

"Where is that lap Dog Chan?" Shouted Eric, rage noticeable in his eyes. He too wants vengeance for the poor victimized soul.

As Guard Commander Chan was clearly the one who shot the Guard to death, Eric wants to find him and truly put an end to his nonsense this time!

Perplexed, but his voice raising as he put two and two together. Woldemir recited, "Commander Chan was here? I didn't see him in the tunnel. He must have ordered his Archers to stand here as a barricade as that bootlicker made his escape." 

Providing a glimpse of the disaster, Eric explained. "That coward killed a Guard, ripped his heart out and ran."

Burning in rage, Woldemir lost his manners for a bit and sure became graphic with his expressed Wordplay. "That Jackass couldn't have made it that far. As soon as I heard that whatever caused that explosion, I made my way to the cave. At first I thought I was hallucinating but the second explosion got me worried."

"Wherever you were, there is no time. I need to hunt down and ki..."

As Eric tried to finish his sentence, he wasn't able too.

He was struck quiet by Mogranius who flew his way above Eric's head, grabbed him by the shoulders and carried him out of the cave.

Which was short lasting, as they met the exit after half a minute of flight.

Leaving the cave and flying towards the sky, he dropped Eric which obviously signifies that he should start flying too.

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