Expensive Dreams

The wedding day

Julia was very sleepy but just after few minutes, she woke up in fright and thought to herself about three months, what was going to happen. She couldnt lie down again. 

Bowing down her face caught in between the folded knees, gradually looked up at the happy frame of their wedding day. Beautiful off white gown with extravagant crown, alluring smile, perhaps a dream come true for any middle class girl. James with a pleasing personality that any woman would fall for, holding her tight exhibiting worldly love and caress.

Down the memory lane....she recalls when she was accompanied to the mansion while she was lost in the woods running from her house post the hit on her uncle's head, the kind of care and attention she enjoyed was inexplicable. Least she could have ever imagined to be at such a place which was only in her dreams. James comforted her all along. Instructed the maids to take special care of her. Lavish and imprudent life style followed by fanciful, amazing and superb dresses, accessories and footwear. A special wardrobe full of her never imagined favourite stuff. She was completely living in a fantasy. 

She walks towards her almirah, looked at the wedding gown hanging at the end of the dresses lined up. Again recalls when James proposed her. That day she was in pink of her life. Unimagineable phase of her life.

She takes the gown in her hand and lifts it a bit higher in the air and all of a sudden drops it down on the floor when she sees a blood stain at the foot of the gown. She falls down in despair and recalls the cause of that stain.....

It was such a bright sunny day, when they were bidding goodbye to everyone at the church right after their wedding ceremony. Courteous James opened the door of Porsche for the bride to hop in. They reached the mansion and to her surprise, the massive area was like heaven adorned with white carnations, lillies, tulips and all the possible beautiful flowers of the world. Red carpet from the gate till the entrance of the mansion. As soon as she stepped out of the car, pink rose petals propped up on the floor, for the bride to walk on. All the maids stood to welcome her with great pomp and show.

James held her hand and escorted to their room. It was also decorated with white and red heart shaped balloons and roses in every corner. Julia was completely lost and for a second thought it was a dream until James caught her hand so tight that she could actually feel the pain. "Ah! its hurting", said Julia and James then hugged her tight, pushed her on the bed. Wildly caressed her, did not even allow her to change the wedding dress. He was so desperate that there was no chance of any foreplay, nothing romantic to recall. He forcefully indulged in physical abuse since Julia was not enjoyng that moment at all. 

The activity was over. James got up, went to the washroom, dressed himself and instructed Julia to freshen up and come down fast since he was expecting some important guests to welcome the bride.

She was tryting to understand the intensity of sexual life after marriage. "Was it the right way?", she thought to herself, noticed the blood stain at the foot of the gown and the vaginal pain as soon as she got off from the bed.

She saw the maids all in a row, waiting to dress her up. One of them told her, ,"its happens the first time, its ok". She went to the washroom, looked at herself her in the mirror in a confused state but with a hope and a temporary belief. 



Edited: 22.12.2020

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