Chapter 8: Happy Ending



I saw like in a dream, Mark, me and a little girl. We are so happy running in a garden full of beautiful colourful flowers. I think it’s the small hut I inherited from Papa. It seems different, bigger and wider. The hut is now  a  two storey house with a small yacht in front facing Lake Nijori. Trees and plants still grow there and …

Ma..., Pa..., I love, Ma...ma, Pa'''pa….the little girl said…smiling at me and Mark lively, sweetly and cutely.

Oh, my, Mark….haha! I said closing my eyes and the vision is gone. I was teary eyed but very happy to see my future with him. A baby girl huh!, I said while caressing my tummy. Unmei! (Destiny), I love you, I loveeee you…I added looking at Mark, kissing him lovingly.

Mama, Ojichan and Shita with my friends Kouku  who finally married Vita, Shoji and Sayaka who are now engaged, Auntie and several friends and family from Sun lineage came to Mark and I’s wedding. It was just a simple and private wedding, like the usual get together we do in Sun Villa. Mark’s friends Noriel and Bedoin came and introduced themselves as Mark’s brothers, though I know that they are angels from the courts of heaven. It’s okay. Well, Mark explained to me everything a week before our special day and they are very welcome and is already part of the family. Shita seems very fond of Noriel, besides they are of the same age. I think everything will turn out great after this.

What do you think?

A/R I think it's beautiful and I believe everything will turn out great, I am happy for you both, Congratulations!

I pursued my education and took up major in History and Literature Studies. Mark is now the co-owner of our book shop while still running errands with Noriel and Bedoin doing God’s work . I still fought for nature and a feminist by organizing a feminine group to fight for equal rights for men and women.  Baby Unmei is now three years old and Mama with Ojichan who is moving  on to his elderly age lovingly take care of her while Mark and I are away for work and school.

At first I thought I lost hope in finding true love and a good life. But finding Mark, Mortha, a fallen angel, showed me that the finest things in life is free and possible, and the best memory I had giving me the most wonderful experience, and there's more to come, I know. So, don’t lose hope. Everything happens for a reason, my Papa’s death wasn’t the end, it was just a beginning.

Aishteru! Watashi wa a nata o ashiteimasu  ( I love you). 




Edited: 16.01.2021

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