Fantasizing My Boss

Jokes Meant to be real

All of the workers got home now except me and the other workers who took a overtime to double the pay I am At the office with Alex He seems Focusing something at the Laptop, you busy? He nodded And continued to focus should I get home now? 


He look at me and Frowned OK what's with the face dude your freaking me out, no We have to go somewhere he stood up and Went outside I followed Him when the boys make a Noise saying ohhhh they are dating, 


Of course not His Not my Type, he smiled and looked at me soon guys, soon what the Heck? Your not even My boyfriend hey what was That? 

Jokes are meant to be real, shh just let go to the flow 

He rested his Arm on my shoulder 

Why I let someone played me 


Miss starry

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Edited: 18.10.2020

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