Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

It's over finally

This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening!

Oh, what am I saying, it’s happening!

We’re getting chased by a group of bounty hunters who just killed Ash’s uncles right in front of us! I just witnessed a double murder! Things are really getting out of hand now.

I was still holding onto Aria’s machete as Ash and I followed her throughout the woods. I didn’t know how we were going to escape those bounty hunters, I just hope Aria knows what she’s doing.

“Wait!” she suddenly stopped as we did as well.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, “We need to keep going, those guys will catch up any second now!”

“We can’t outrun them,” she panted, “And we can’t let them follow us to the palace.”

“So what do you suggest we do then?”

Before she could answer, she suddenly aimed her arrow near me and fired as her arrow struck another of the bounty hunters who had found us.

“You’re gonna have to use your training to fight,” she told me.

“What?!” my eyes widen. Did she really just say that?!

“Don’t worry!” she assured while shooting another of the hunters with her arrows “Your ring will help you!”

I gazed down at my ring that was glowing because of the danger that was here. I was told that the ring can enhance my fighting skills, let’s just hope they’re right about that. Gripping onto the machete, I waited for the right moment for the bounty hunters to approach me. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling scared anymore, I was feeling... confident that I could do this.

And the moment one of the hunters tried to swing his ax at me, I immediately fought back with the machete. Holy shit! I was doing this! Not only did I remember my training, but I could feel the ring’s power working on me. Although, I know that I needed to train more cause I was already getting some injuries like cuts and bruises. One guy even grabbed me by my throat and shoved me against a tree with a hard force that almost made me drop the machete. As he squeezed my throat, I was able to use my heel to stomp on his toes which helped me push him away.

Jeez, I need to find something to protect my neck, I could already feel it turning red.

Even as I was fighting, I was able to catch a glimpse of Aria attacking the hunters using only her arrows and her pockets knife, and boy was she good at them. She must be a master at multitasking because she was so quick to switch from one weapon to another. If I was a master at multitasking, I would have more free time with my life. Nice...

So this went on for about 5 minutes until the remaining bounty hunters decided to retreat as they all ran off. Wow, my first fight with people, even though I was hurting a bit, I thought I did a pretty good job.

“Are you okay?” Aria asked me.

“Yeah,” I panted, “I’m tired and I’m hurting a little, but I’m okay.”

“That’s good,” she breathed.

“Um, your highness” Ash suddenly spoke, “You’re bleeding.”

“Huh?” she looked down at her arm, and sure enough, there was a cut about 4 inches long on her forearm that was oozing out blood.

“Oh crap,” she grunted.

“Here,” Ash pulled out a piece of cloth from his pocket and handed it to her.


“Did you even feel that?” I asked her.

“Not really,” she responded while wiping the blood away “When you do a lot of fighting and you get hurt a lot, your body gets used to it and you barely feel any pain like this. Well, I know that it happens to us but I don’t know about humans.”

“So you’re okay?”

“Yes. I mean, it’s not that deep, it won’t scar.”

“Do you have a lot of scars?”

“What do you think?” she smirked.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes?” I smirked back.

“I’ll show you them someday, let’s just get back to the palace.”

It wasn’t that long of a walk until we made it to the palace where I know I was finally safe. Once inside, everyone was relieved to see me, in fact, a lot of the students must have heard about my abduction cause they began to crowd me while asking questions like reporters.

“Alright, back off everyone!” Hazel ordered, “Give him some space! He didn’t come here for an interview! Where’s your respect?!”

The students let out mutters of disappointment as they began to walk away.

“That’s right, walk away!”

Damn Hazel.

“So uh, who’s this guy?” Dale pointed to Ash.

“He’s the guy who’s about to get punished for taking Jesse” Aria frowned.

“What?” Dale raised an eyebrow “I thought a fake druid took Jesse.”

“It’s a long story,” I muttered.

“So,” Ash turned to Aria “What’s my punishment gonna be? Whatever it is, I’ll accept it.”

“Good,” she smirked, “Because you’re gonna be spending 3 months working here to clean up after the animals on the farm.”

“What? What does that mean?”

She continued to smirk at him until he realized her answer.

“Oh...” he lowered his shoulder “Oh shit, I’m gonna be spending 3 months cleaning up animal shit.”


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