Fire of love

Stay with me

Kyomi was getting bored of living here all alone! After the online classes she had nothing to do..she didn't know anyone here. Though she was here with Tatiana..still it was boring! But in these days she got to know a lot about Xavier! Tatiana works here for the knight family for 20 years. Xavier is the only child of his parents and his parents died in a car accident when Xavier was 17 years old! She asked Tatiana how old is he now and tatiana laughed at her question!  Because probably she is the only wife who didn't know her husband's age. Xavier is 28 now! 

Today she was in her room watching some movies that's when Tatiana came and told her that xavier wants to talk to her. She went to attend the land phone and said

Kyomi: yes?!

Xavier: How are you doing?!

Kyomi: Still alive!!

Xavier: How is everything going there?!

Kyomi : Just as you left it!

Xavier: what were you doing?! 

Kyomi: watching the same movie for 7th time as i have nothing to one to talk to..and i am getting bored!

Xavier: I see!! 

Kyomi: You see??! God!! Do something!! I am suffocating here! I swear if you don't do anything, i will go out and i won't come back!

Xavier chuckled hearing her threat!

Xavier: Well wifey, try that! Have a good day! Bye

Saying that Xavier cut the phone before kyomi could have said anything! Kyomi got pissed off by this! And she thought she will definitely go out now!

(Back at seattle): 

Xavier: What do you mean the news got viral?!

Emmet: You are the youngest billionaire, what do you expect?! Did you think that you 'll get married and no one will make a sound?! The whole business world is now waiting for your response! Media is keep calling just to hear about your wife!

Xavier: But i can't bring her infront of the media!! Have you got any news about Lily?!

Emmet: She is planning to find Kyomi! We don't have any proof against her! So we can't do anything until she makes a move! 

Xavier: What about the girl Hazel?

Emmet: Still kept an eye on her! As long as the proffessor is in our possession i think she would behave!

Xavier: Okay! Be careful about everything! You know Emmet that now my whole life depends on it! One wrong move i can loose her along with the promise i made to mum!

Emmet nodded and left the office!  Xavier had a meeting ti attend after 1 hour that is when he got a call from Tatiana

"What did she do now!" Thought Xavier and picked the call.He cut the call in boiling anger inside him after hearing from Tatiana and then hurried to his car!

(Back at Maldives):

Kyomi woke up and her head hurt like a bitch! She can't remember a thing for a moment! Then everything slowly came back to her! She was in a bar...drinking with Derek, the tourist guy she met yesterday at the beach! 

"How the hell i am here" murmured kyomi

"Well i had to pick you up on my shoulder to bring you here! Since you wanted to go with the boy god knows what his name was" said Xavier.

Kyomi didn't notice Xavier before..but hearing him talking she was shocked and looked at him now! He was sitting at the edge of the bed waiting for some explanation!

"HOW THE HELL YOU ARE EVEN HERE?" exclaimed Kyomi.

"Well the answer to that is, i had to cancel a metting which was worth 10 crore and then i had to fly all the way back to Maldives as soon as it was possible. So, now you will answer me carfully!"said Xavier.

Kyomi: I won't tell you a shit! 

Saying this kyomi pulled the comforter over her head! Xavier pulled it down then again kyomi pulled it over and again Xavier pulled it down! Kyomi was about to pull it over that is when xavier pulled the whole comforter out of the bed and captured kyomi between his hands pinning her to the bed!

" What the hell you were thinking before going there!?? Huh?! I left only for two days and you end up in bar with some unknown boys?! How dare...." 

Before Xavier could have finished his line kyomi captured his lip with her own! Kyomi kissed him! A long passionate kiss! Xavier was shocked but then also started kissing her back! Xavier's hand left kyomi's hand only to keep the balance! The kiss was deep and so passionate as kyomi kept bitting his lips a little while her fingers were roaming inside his hair! They stopped when kyomi was breathless!Xavier was shocked and didn't say anything but kept looking at the angel face that was infront of him.

Then kyomi said:

"Stay with me"

Elvi Orin

Edited: 12.06.2020

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