From Slave to Ruler

Diplomatic Madman

"You have the chance to back down from this and accept that you are wrong." Whispered Athendurus as he was quaking on his combat boots out of anger.

A foot away from Tristan Black Bear, looking at each other eye to eye, rather unbreakable.

Neither of them backed down from the stare off. Athendurus' pride was  quite touched, taught his place by a Ground tapper.

Continuing with the offer, Athendurus cites. "If you do, I'll let you keep one of your hands." 

"I'd like to see you wield that sword against me, old man." Although meaning well for Auica, this was a firmly strong insult.

Every individual is commonly sensitive about his or her age, the older they grow.

But now, Tristan gazes at Athendurus as an enemy and enemies are there to be hurt and offended, be it through verbal abuse or with a swing of a sword.

Tristan tried using reason towards the man earlier but his self feeding egoism refused to reason.

So Black Bear is done being a diplomatic, etiquette has to be set aside.

Out of a sudden, Athendurus Mihura pulled out his sword from the scabbard he was carrying.

The sword, a true beauty. Of the finest quality and no doubt expensive.

Although out of Iron, it shone enough to reflect the sun with ease as if it was a mirror. 

That reflection however is also the Sword's weakness, at least in front of Tristan's eyes.

Before pulling the sword entirely out of the scabbard, Athendurus jumped 2 feet back.

Being that far behind is just enough to cut off a hand if not more and it was Athendurus' aim after all. 

Athendurus was wind breakingly fast but Tristan is even faster. 

Noticing the attack coming towards the left side of his waist, Black Bear simply lifted the sword on his left hand up swiftly, while still keeping the tip downwards.

Because lifting the tip would be less effective and takes a quarter second more.

Metal met with metal, a whistle echoed and pierced ears of those who were nearby.

The master's move counter attacked, dominance sunk its roots from this point.

Noticing that smart move, Athendurus felt baffled, thinking. "How can a slave be this agile, this quick thinking?" 

Tristan didn't waste a second, dropped the other sword of which he held in the right hand, apparently he chose two weapons. 

Bolting towards Athendurus' two handed grip, leaving him defenseless.

Actually managing to grab both of the master's hands, the root of dominance formed into a trunk.

Tristan dropped the sword on his left hand as well now, tightened the grip on Athendurus' hands and with little struggle pulling the sword away from the master!

Everything just happened so fast. 

Athendurus was unfamiliar with these foreign moves... was.

Lifting Athendurus off the ground with his right hand while keeping the master's sword on his left hand. 

To the point where they found the opportunity to meet eye to eye again, a foot apart from each other.

"Oh no, my hands are still intact! Foolish me, I must be doing it wrong." Mocked Tristan, how courageous could this man be?

Had no hesitation to attack and disarm a master plus now continuing to mock him, astounding!

"Doing what wrong?" This question wasn't of course because he cared about Tristan's answer.

Mihura spotted that it is sarcasm and or mockery, this move however was just to buy himself time.

To observe the situation a bit more, to estimate Tristan's overall strength and possibly find a weakness.

"Boot kissing." Replied Tristan Black Bear, with his common thick tone becoming even thicker. 

Athendurus however didn't have to observe anymore, not because he is ready to launch a counter attack, no.

But because he was tossed 20 feet far above the ground and over 30 feet away from the conflict spot.

But somehow the master was able to maneuver enough through mid air to land on his own two feet. 

Although fearing Tristan's strength to begin with, he still underestimated the Bear blood. Not expecting such agility and quick thinking due to his size.

"Here, try not to embarrass yourself." Throwing Athendurus' Sword forwards after, which got nailed into the ground halfway deep, easily.

A couple of feet near Athendurus even.

If anyone stood in front of that Sword while it was in mid air, the results would end up in fatality.

The Ground tappers in the training yard all turned their attention towards Tristan.

Although most would be afraid to face him alone, they felt more comfortable as a group.

Making careful steps while approaching from each side, Inigo as well no doubt.

Tristan still has two swords to toss after all, which is why everyone around him is approaching carefully.

Seeing everyone approaching with clear intention to fight, Tristan just gently bent down and grabbed his swords.

Raised them forward, slightly pointing narrowly on both sides. 

Swiftly moving his legs far away from each other and squatting a bit downward.

Bacada Theras saw this move before, he recognized it right away. 

So he tapped Auica on the shoulder and gestured for her to back away. 

Noticing that Bacada meant well, she only hesitated for a little bit before agreeing to his suggestion.

Aaron James who already dashed 30 feet away from the battle zone, without anyone telling him too, thought. "Is this guy doing a sumo squat?"

While through other thoughts, he kept questioning how these puny Guards kept this man contained? Tristan looks like he can chew his way through the dirt and rocks, escaping the mines.

While still squatting, Tristan lifted his left leg up a foot high and strongly bashed it against the ground.

Which unleashed a minor earthquake that shook everyone on the left side but it only knocked a couple off of their feet, but it was still enough to buy time through the confusion.

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