Heart Beat


Time stands still, Beauty in all she is

I will be brave, I will not let anything take away

What's standing in front of me

Every breath, Every hour has come to this

One step closer, I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more


John POV


"Are you okay!!!" I ask her for fifth time to ensure whether she is okay or not.


"I am completely fine, you do your duty♡" she pouts.


This is the second last month of her pregnancy and I want to be utterly careful for her. Doctor says that it is riskful for her but still she wants it.


I can't help myself but to be deadly worried about her and about our unborn little charm.


Looking at her pout face, I couldn't help but think how our baby boy will be.


Yes, we both were so anxious about our child. The heartbeat of Aiden is completely fine that means he doesn't have any problem and the regular checkups also says that he is completely strong and healthy.


This feelings, the feeling is so so ecstatic to know from you there is a little life that is developing in Jilly's womb.


I was a little reluctant for this from the very beginning but my deep inside feeling in deep inside feeling the feeling to be someone's father to see a little live from your own is activated.


As much I am scared more than a millionth time I am excited.


 I can't believe my life is so wonderful. Jilly is my only lifeline. She fills a part of me which was empty and hollow but I never know that.


I love everything about her. My love is not just mere satisfaction but my life.


One thing, I know, my life belongs to her. The breathe that I take in is the air which is just touched by her. My morning starts with her smile and my day ends with her sweet smile. I couldn't be more peaceful in my life. I couldn't be more blissful to my life for giving me such a wonderful girl.


 I know her since we were kids and from the from that time she's the one who makes me feel happy and joyous.

She never knows how beautiful she is. Her silky red hair adds fire to her glory.
And her blueish Black eyes also got my black eyes every time.

I know from the beginning that if I want someone in my life then it is only she.


Dad never told me that mom is dead till I found out by myself. I think terrible things that time, just because I also watched terrible TV series.


Films, movies are never meant to be in reality, because the reality is far more better than that.


I always miss my mom but Jilly's mom and dad always make me feel special. I couldn't be more happy to have them in my life.


Certain things of life are ought to happen and happens....


"What! are! you! thinking???!!!" 
Suddenly Jilly's voice brought me back to reality.


"Nothing!!!" I shook my head in negetive.


"Like that you are smiling!!!!!!!!" She pouts.


Now-a-days, her mood swings are always activated.


"I was thinking about our baby!!!" 


This statement immediately brought a huge grin on her face from ear to ear... Just like a five-year kid. I wonder will be she able to be a strict mother...


She comes to me, without breaking the eye contact.


Then she leans in front of me, unknowingly giving me the wonderful view of her milky skin of her full chest.


Before I could say anything, she removes the laptop from my lap and leans forward to place her lips on mine. I know it's not her. The blame goes to her pregnancy hormones that is progesterone according to her but I can't resist her at all, infact I kind of enjoy this horny Jilly.


"John I want icecream!!!" She chims after having a heated scene.

"Okay!!!" Saying that, I went to kitchen. There is already stock of many sweet items and icecream as I can never knows what she wants or will desire.


Before I go to kitchen for icecream, Jilly's panic voice, makes me shiver off-guard...



If I knew today would be the day Jilly goes into labor, I would've done so many things differently. I would've spent the entire day by her side without any office work, made her whatever she craved, and then drove her to the hospital and be her strength.


Edited: 17.12.2020

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