Heart Of Gold

Chapter One

Rome Monia hummed to himself, trying to drown out the chattering of his math teacher, Ms. Polterberg. She was a nice spirit, but the tenth-graders were given questions that seemed impossible! The sixteen-year-old didn't bother to look at her... he just kept on humming. But who would be singing Toxic by Brittney Spears in the middle of their math class at 12 PM?

Rome was a boy who stood 5'6 and had an average weight with a light complexion. His chocolatey brown hair was short and wavy, with his bangs grown out and sky blue eyes hiding behind them. He wore a plain red T-shirt, a black belt with a gold buckle, dark blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. He carried around a cyan backpack with instruments on it.

Ms. Polterberg didn't realize that Rome was zoning out, so she gave him a question. "Mr. Monia, what's the quotient of this problem if you divide X by 5.11?" she asked, pointing her ruler towards the electric board. The confused student glanced at the problem and said, "Uhh..." A few classmates snickered, so Ms. Polterberg shushed them.

Once class was over, Rome scooped up his belongings and headed for art. The tenth-graders had to paint a sunset, so Rome immediately collected every can of paint he needed: yellow, orange, red, and black. And while working, he dodged every stone, hardened ball of clay, and brush that was flung at him. But as soon as he finished, one open can of paint knocked over his easel and a second one hit him in the face, knocking him over.

Rome was used to being injured, so he shook it off and went to the cafeteria. He sat alone everyday... he didn't want to, but he had no choice since nobody wanted to be with him. Everyone at school picked on him with no resentment whatsoever! The sixteen-year-old human sat down and started eating, but as soon as he finished the last part of his lunch... something got caught in his throat!

A group of twelfth-graders roared with laughter, shaking peppers at him. They put a Caronlina Reaper, the hottest pepper in the world, into his food! "MILK!!!" Rome screeched, punching his stomach so hard that his ribs ached. After five minutes of choking and roaring laughter, he spat the pepper out and was ready to run.

The school nurse rushed into the room and shouted "Rome, hold on!! I can help you!!" But she was too late... Rome was already out of the school! And since he had no family, he couldn't get punished at home. The juvenile male knew that some more bullies would try to terrorize him at his house, but he was too tired to hide. "This is the one-hundredth time I had to leave early," he sighed.

Tears rolled down his eyes as he stared at the floor. "Why am I always being tortured? Why do only teachers like me? Why am I like this?" He repeated these sentences in his head until it was 9 PM. Rome quietly crawled into bed, cuddled his favorite kitty plushie, and slowly shut his eyes.

All of a sudden, the house shook! Shelves wobbled, dishes crashed, books fell, furniture tumbled, and the human rolled off of his bed! "Oof!" he exclaimed once he landed. "Ugh... what the hell was that?" He grumpily got back on his feet and walked outside to investigate.

Shellie Ramsada

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