Heated Desire

Chapter 21

Brushing off his words to be a mishearing on my part, Draven guides me in front of him as we make our way through the passage that leads us to the living room of his penthouse. The penthouse is silent and dimly lit thanks to the lack of natural light as the sun begins to set.

We spent most of our afternoon at the police headquarters apparently. It is currently 4:30 PM.

"Katherine, I'd like for you to extend your stay here with me, even when you have a new keycard for yourself. it's only until the press's interest in the shooting incident dies out," Draven casually says as he takes me up the spiral staircase. "I'm not going to force you to stay but if you require to leave for your own apartment when your keycard is ready then I'll hire some guards for you to keep the press away."

A small sound of shock leaves my lips at his words, looking towards him with a raised brow, my voice is a note higher than my usual voice when I acquiesce quickly without thinking through my words, "I'll stay here with you."

"Good. I told Benjamin earlier to buy some lasagna," He informs me, ignoring the last part of what I said as he opens the door to 'my' room, setting my bag on the bed as he leaves my side to get the chair from the vanity table. "Would you like to eat now?"

The low growl my stomach emits answers him before I can reject his offer of food. Come to think of it, all I've eaten today is the eggs and bacon this morning and the piece of chocolate a little while ago. Disappearing out of the room door to get our food, I decide that it's a good time to check my phone for notifications and I sigh heavily shortly thereafter.

3 Messages. 4 Missed Calls. 

Deciding that reading the messages won't kill me as fast as the four missed calls I have to return, I open the messages.

Gerald: I'm going to stay at my parents' for the weekend as well. God, they're the ones that kicked me out yet they're complaining right now that they never see me anymore. I head on the news that there was a shooting at Westford today. I thanked God that you didn't have any classes and the worst part is the perpetrators got away. Isn't that something? Anyways, I'll see you on Monday. Stay safe!

I guess Draven's people managed to keep the press from releasing our involvement in the shooting but I guess that doesn't mean that they don't know, know about our involvement in the shooting. 

Mason: Did you lose your key card or something. Katherine? I got a notification on my laptop that your card has been tampered with and not the usual tampering with that you do. Call me when you can.

Tampering? Why would anyone tamper with my card? Wasn't that a steal-and-go kind of thief?

Agent WR: Katherine, please return my call when you can. There is something you need to know.

The last message has a chill running through my body. Immediately going to my contacts, I realise that all four of the missed calls are from Horace and just by seeing that I know something bad has happened. Pressing the recall button, I hold the device to my ear as the call connects and begins to ring.

"Katherine, you're alright," Horace breathes out in relief, the tiredness in his voice is evident as he begins to speak. "I hate to tell you this over a phone call but I've pulled your entire team from the Stryker case. You are currently the only agent left."


"What do you mean by that?" I hiss angrily, standing from my seat on the edge of the bed to go further away from the door in case Draven comes back and overhears my conversation. "I can't go solo on this. I'm not equipped to go solo on this. Get me Keito, he'll do this case with me. Some finest agents those boys are."

The silence from his end of the line confuses me and then he says the words I never expected to hear, "Katherine, Keito is dead. I sent him and a team of three others to stake out a possible Montesaro link two days ago and he was killed along with his teammates. We were too late. I pulled Oliver and the other three out in view of this incident. They don't have enough experience."

My ears are ringing from his words and my heart is pounding a mile a minute in my chest. Keito is dead. Keito is dead. Keito is dead. Horace's words repeat themselves over and over again in my mind as he continues to speak to me on the phone but all I can think about is that my best friend and partner for the last thirteen years...the man who took care of me like a father...is dead.

"Katherine?" Horace worriedly questions me when I fail to respond to whatever he's said. "Are you alright?"

He can't be...

"Are you sure he's dead Horace?" I whimper, holding back tears that threaten to slip out of my eyes. "Keito likes to be dramatic you know...he...he played dead once just to joke around with me...are you sure he's...gone?"

This has to be a joke...

"Katherine, I know you were close," He begins to try to comfort me and that's all it takes for me to give into my tears.

No! This is a joke! It has to be! Keito...

A howling sorrow eats at me as I fall to my knees in pure agony from the loss, I can't find it in me to care at the moment that I'm in the lion's den and that I'm most vulnerable right now. The pain of losing Keito is more painful than the sharp sting of pain radiating from my left arm which use to roughly wipe the big fat tears rolling down my cheeks as I continue to hold my phone to my ear with my right hand.

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