Her Silent Scream


In London



Arhaan was waiting for his friend, Abeer while working on his project thesis in the library of the college.

When his work was almost completed, Abeer entered into the library. Spotting Arhaan, he rushed to him and said fearfully, "I am sorry. I got late today."

"Today! Like seriously? It's your habit, Abeer to get late for everything. Anyway, I am almost done. Do what you want to do quickly or I will be leaving first."

Sarcasm was dripping from Arhaan's voice that got threatening at last part. Arhaan was annoyed at Abeer's this habit of getting late to everything.

When Arhaan was done with his work, he looked at Abeer who had just started to work with his project and said, "You keep up your work and I am leaving."

Saying this, he didn't bother to wait a moment and walked out of the library.

Collecting his materials, Abeer put those into his bag quickly and rushed following Arhaan.

Getting outside of the library, Abeer called Arhaan's name loudly to make him stop on his way only to get a glare😡 from him.

After glaring at him when Arhaan was about to step forward, he was almost about to get a bump to someone.

Without looking at the person, he uttered angrily, "What the..😠!"

Seeing the person, Abeer uttered in annoyance under his breath, "Here, she goes again."

The person was no other than Nupur who was after Arhaan from the first day, she met him at the college orientation.

Seeing her, Arhaan got totally heated up and said, "Nupur, you know it very well that I don't like the things getting on my way against my will. And for your kind information, you are the last thing I want to see in my way."

Hearing that, Nupur said with teary eyes, "But Arhaan I was just."
Interrupting her, Arhaan spoke up again, "Stop being a crying girl always. And you were just what? Didn't I tell you to stay out of my sight?"

"I am sorry" 
Whispering this, Nupur went away sadly and Abeer walked up to him and said, "What's this yaar? She loves you. Do you have to behave this badly with her every time you guys met? I know you don't like her but at least respect her feelings."

"Love! I don't believe in this nonsense thing and cut the crap Abeer. I don't have the time to listen to this lecture of yours." Saying this, Arhaan left from there and Abeer kept following him while uttering, "I am gonna see it how you will be like when you fall in love."

"That's not gonna be happening, Abeer as I will never be wasting my time over something that nonsense." Arhaan spoke up with determination.

But Abeer spoke up again, "Never say never, yaar. You don't know what gonna happen in future." only to get yelled at.

"Abeer, will you stop this nonsense now or should I make you stop?"

Abeer became totally silent hearing Arhaan's angry tone.

Arriving at the parking spot, Arhaan turned to Abeer and said, "Project submission deadline is knocking at the door. Get the project ready rather than thinking about love and all those nonsense things." and hopping in his car, he drove towards his residence.


Malik Mansion



It was almost evening. Khushi was still studying after saying her prayer and taking the lunch.

After completing her revision, Khushi closed her book and got up. She went to the downstairs. Seeing her, the maid came forward and spoke up, "Khushi, kuch chahiye apko beta (you need something, beta)?"

"I need a coffee, Kaki. But you don't bother. I will get it by myself."

Before the maid could say something, she entered the kitchen and made her coffee.

Khushi likes her coffee full of sugar as she is very fond of sweet. Taking the coffee cup, she went upstairs.

Entering her room, she directly went to the balcony of her room while sipping coffee. There was a garden beside her room. From the balcony, she used to look at the beautiful nature of the garden.

In the cool breeze, the branches of trees were moving, the birds were chirping. Khushi kept standing there while uttering some words to herself, "Will I ever be able to get a little bit of attention let alone love from my family! What did I ever do to them to get this much of hatred! Do they really hate me? If yes, then why? Am I that bad as a girl, as a daughter or sister? Why have I been an outcast here? Why?"

Khushi was going on like this and tears started rolling down her cheeks..
Soon she could hear the Magrib Azan.

Wiping her eyes, she went back to her room and said her prayer after making ablution.

After prayer, she lied on her bed to take a short nap but when she was awake it was already 10 by the night. She found her dinner kept by her side in a tray.

"It must be Kaki who did this. This means Abbu and Vaia are back and they took their dinner without me as well."

While thinking like this, Khushi got down and went to the washroom. Getting freshen up, she found them gossiping in the living room.

With a hopeful heart, she went to them. She thought they would ask her something as she was not there with them at breakfast and as well as in dinner.

But no. They ignore her like as usual.
Mustering up the courage, she sat with them in the living room only to get yelled at by her brother, Kowshik.

"Can't you see, we are having an important discussion? Go to your room."

Khushi tried to spoke up, "Vaia, I was just" but got interrupted again when her father uttered in annoyance, "Shut up, you silly girl. Go back to your room right now. Let us talk peacefully."

Khushi left from there immediately and went back to her room.

Hugging the photo frame of the picture of her mother, she cried her heart out for a while.

Then she got up to make ablution and said her prayer.

After prayer, she sat to study again as the examination was the next day. After studying for a while she felt hungry. She kept looking at the tray for some moments then she got near it and completed her dinner.


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