His Cheerleader

Chapter 12- THE date 2

Jared's POV:

I drove our way to the mall and pulled over to the underground parking lot. "Hey, you okay?" I asked Brittany who seemed quiet for the whole drive, it wasn't normal at all.

"Yeah of course I am, I just thought of some things." She said. "Things like what?" I curiously asked.

"Well for starters, this is my first ever date..." She said and looked away, she's shy.

"Really? you've never hanged out with anyone before? not even with Tommy?" I said as I tried to tease her.

"Seriously? I'm just not into him okay? I only got my eyes on someone ever since he entered the doors of the school gate." She said and smiled. Damn! This girl knows how to put butterflies inside a man's stomach.

I smiled at her and went outside to open her door. Baby steps Scotland, Baby steps.

"How about you, isn't this your first time?" She asked.

"Nope, I've dated tons of girls before." I said hiding my chuckles

"Oh...Good for you" she said blankly and stormed out of way, I chased her and held her hand

"It was a joke okay? My whole life evolved around basketball, I couldn't care any less on women who gave me their attention." I said and smiled.

"Wew...Women, well so much for dating a handsome guy though." She said and looked away.

"Well I'm dating a gorgeous woman on top of that too!" I said and chuckled, it made her blush and she looks so darn cute!

We walked and walked inside the mall until we decided to go and watch a movie. I was too busy looking for a movie that could suite her taste when she handed me tickets of "Avengers: Infinity War".

"You want to watch this?" I curiously asked her.

"Of course! I'm an avid fan of Marvel movies and DC too!" And I had no idea, here I was looking for girly movies for her. This woman sure does have tons of odds in her sleeves.

"Alright then, let's go!" I said and grabbed the snacks I bought awhile ago.

We sat on the second row on the top bunker so we'd get a nice view of the movie. "So how did you become a Marvel and DC fan?" I asked her.

"Well, my brothers and I spent most of our childhood days collecting comic books and manga then later on, watching them on screen. We could've watched this one together but they're busy with college." She said, it's cute seeing her talk about her brothers.

"But I don't regret watching this with you though, I'm happy that I could watch this with you." I looked away because I didn't want her to see me flattered.

The movie started to roll so we kept quiet, moments later, when the scene of the Asgardians (Thor, Loki and Etc.) encountered Thanos (The Titan Enemy) some of the viewers shouted including Brittany, I looked at her and saw how furious she was with what happened to the Norse Gods (Thor and Loki).

"Are you alright?" I curiously asked her as she seemed to be disturbed with the movie.

"I love Loki more than Thor!" She said frowning. I held her hand to comfort her, I looked at the screen and saw Thanos strangling Loki so I immediately removed the chair barrier and held her to my grip, hugging her tightly.

As the scene moved on, I looked at her and asked again "Are you alright?" She smiled, she seemed embarrassed.

"Sorry, I'm just really a fan of this." She explained.

"It's alright, We all have that movie where we tend to be more soft. I cried my ass out in a movie theater like this when Sandy was dying on Rise of the Guardians" I said and she laughed. "You did?" Still laughing in disbelief. "I did! My dad thought I was gay though." and she laughed once again, I had to signal her to shush before someone else would.

"I had no idea you watch those type of movies." she said.

"Oh come on! Who didn't watch Jack Frost and his gang?!" I exclaimed while looking at the scene.

"Well, yeah that's a given, my brothers even cosplayed him for Halloween that same year." She said.

"They both did?" I asked

"Yes, they are twins so it's a given that they wear the same thing, most of the time!" she said, wait...twins?!

"They're twins?" I looked at her in disbelief

"Yep" she said popping 'p'

"I had no idea." I said

"It's no surprise."

At the end of the movie, Brittany was flustered. "Sorry, I just want to strangle Thanos right now." I laughed.

We walked our way to the nearby park since it was breezy and it felt nice.

"Thank you, for hugging me in there, I needed that" she said and smiled at me.


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