His Cheerleader

Chapter 13- Eyes Unseen

Brittany's POV:

I kept on touching my lips as I remembered how Jared and I kissed awhile ago, it took me moments to process that I just had my first kiss today. It was short but I could still feel his lips pressed onto mine, I smiled upon the thought of it. I tried to shut my eyes to get some sleep but I just couldn't. I went downstairs to prepare some milk to help me sleep. I was inside the kitchen when I felt someone watching me from the window in-front of the faucet, I looked that way but saw no one.

"That's weird, I'm always accurate this way." I said and took the glass of milk and went upstairs. I've always been alert since I was little and I could always sense it when someone is watching me and as far as I can remember, I was never wrong.

"Oh well, maybe I was just being paranoid." I said and drank the whole glass of milk and tucked myself to bed.


Morning came fast and the first thing I heard was my phone ringing, I took it and answered it half-awake.

"Hello? Brittany speaking." I said my voice sounded husky as I was waking up, I didn't bother to check the name of the caller.

"Hey there beautiful, did you sleep well?" The voice from the other line made me smile.

"I did, you?" I asked.

"Me too. Did I wake you up?" he asked.

"Nope, I was just getting up actually."

"I'll be out of town today, we'll go to my grandfathers barn for a gathering but I'll keep in touch, so don't get bored alright?" he explained.

"I won't, my mom and I will go somewhere too, only that she didn't tell me where." I said

"Oh alright then I'll call you later when we get there, I'm driving." He said.

"Alright, drive safely!" I said and hung-up.

I took a shower and got dressed. I opened my window and the cold wind brushed my hair to the back, I took my black detective jacket to defend me from the upcoming winter breeze. "Honey are you done?" My mom shouted. "I am mom, coming." I answered.

"You look stunning darling, how did you get so stylish?" She asked as she saw me coming downstairs.

"Oh come on mom, I've been doing this since forever." She sneered at me and then gave me the 'whatever-daughter' look. Geez!

"Your dad and brothers will be home next week and they'll be staying here for awhile since they're interning at your dad's company." She said

"Really?! OMG I can't waittt!!!" I squealed as I heard the good news.

"Now off we go, I don't want to upset my friends by coming over very late." She said and opened the door to the garage.

It's nice having a mom like her, she's refreshing and she understands youth better than anyone. My mom came from a very strict household, the Lee household, one of the high-end family's in SoKor (South Korea) and yes you're right, I am half Korean. My mom grew up thinking of her studies and just a clean social life, she said she was like a bird in a cage, it was actually sad hearing that my mom missed most of her childhood because of the strict house rules that my grandparents gave her as an only child. My dad had to go over my grandma's criticism to get married to mom. She said dad had to pretend to be poor just to know my grandma's true colors.

So much for that, my mom drove to the country side, I think we're going to some province or maybe a very rich family's lands? I don't know but I think we are because all I see around me is green and green and yes, green. Moments later, we pulled over to a very nice farmhouse, it seemed like a small gathering but the whole area was full of sophistication complimenting the decorations with coral pink and white as motif. "We're here!" My mom announced.

"Go and find Jared, I'm sure he's here somewhere." She said that made me pause and look at her. "HE'S HERE?!" I said.

"Geez don't need to get so worked up, this is the Scotland Farmhouse darling, of course Jared would be here." She said. Wow, my mom sometimes know how to just get people to be stunned.

"What are you waiting for? get off!" She said as she opened the door for me.

"Fiona!" Mrs. Scotland shouted as soon as she spotted my mom.

"You're just in time! And of course...Brittany, you're as beautiful as ever!" She said as she kissed my cheeks.

"You look dashing as well Mrs. Scotland." I said and smiled

"Oh honey just call me 'mom' after all, I heard that Jared is trying to win you over." She said, Win me over? He already did, years ago though. I smiled and nodded.

"Jared is at the barn right just beside the garage over there." She said pointing the garage. I nodded and went to the barn, I wonder if he knew that I was going to be here. I was walking when three guys around my age came up to me.


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