His Love Her Hatred

5. Stubborn

Next morning,I woke up at 6 and started to get ready for my first day as an assistant of that psyho.About that apartment and car I didn't know what tp do but I planned not to shift,I decided to return him the keys and papers today face to face.

Mom said,

"Why don't you just accept the apartment and car,after and its from your company"

"Mom,I wanted to earn first,not to mention by my hardwork money not someone's favour or out of generosity"

After having breakfast I left for the office after booking a cab,I knew if I waited for the bus,I would be late and that psycho won't spare me .

At 8:40 am,I reached headquarters of blue moon enterprises.The building was so damn excellently built,it was fascinating and looked like millions of pounds were invested to build just their headquarters,I couldn't believe I am going to work here.

As I entered, a man came and greeted me,

"Hello,Ms allyysa,I am Sean watson,managing director of blue moon enterprises,sir asked you to be in his office sharp at 9.You can take lift to floor 16th.WELCOME!!"

"Hello,Mr Sean,Thank You,I will head there right now."

I reached and knocked on the door,

"Come in sweetie"

"You are too punctual,I like it",he said with same cold smile.

"One have to be when have a boss like you",I replied calmly.

"Hahaha,compliment or......"

"Whatever pleases you"

He smiled and said,"Mr jefferson will explain you your duties,go have a few words with him"

"Mr Rick,of that....."

Before I could say anything,he said,..................


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