His Love Her Hatred

14. Past always has impact on present

''Lydia??'', I said on call. 

''Wow girl you remember your best friend's voice''

''Oh my goodness, Lydd... How are you doing, I missed you'', I said in excited voice. 

''Allyy, I missed you too girl, I am doing good, I have a news for you''

''What's it?''

''I will be at London by tonight, so let's catch up tomorrow''

''Really, sure lyd''

''Yeah, I also have to introduce you to someone'', Lydia sounded shy while saying this. 

''Um, girl are you dating someone??''

''Yeah'', Lydia exclaimed. 

''Woah, you surely know well how to give surprises ha!!''

''Haha, meet you soon, text me the address, place you decide, then we will talk our heart out'', Lydia chuckled. 

''Surely, be safe, see you''

After talking to Lydia I felt quite nostalgic. Lydia was my best friend since middle school, we have went to same high school as well. She was of frank, joyful and quite amiable nature. We went along quite well, and she is the one I can say is my secret diary, literally knows everything about me. The high school memories flashed in my brain. 

I wanted a half day too since I was going to meet Lydia after a long time so I wanted to spend the day wholly with her so I went to Mr arrogant's cabin. 

I knocked at the door. But he didn't respond. I slowly opened the door only to see that he wasn't in his office. 

I came back and went to Mr Sean, after and all he is MD. 

I knocked and asked, 

''Mr Sean, Can I come in?''

''Ms Allyysa, please come in''

''Um, sorry to disturb you but can you tell me where President Rick is?''

''President Rick is having a private meeting with MD of US branch of blue moon, meeting will be over soon''

''Um, okay thank you Mr Sean, I'll wait''

I left and went back to cabin, it was almost 7 and we were having a meeting too at 8,seems like I will get to talk to him only after this meeting before that I called Mom and told her about the meeting, so I told her to have dinner and sleep. 

At 10:30, finally meeting ended. I was exhausted as well after the discussion, conference and presentation. I was packing my things in my cabin and before leaving I went to him to ask about the leave for the next day. 

''President Rick, I want to ask actually.... ''

He stopped me in between and said, 

''Go downstairs and wait for me there, let's have dinner''

''I will have at home''

''Sweetie, who is asking you, I am telling you, now go down rest we'll talk in car''

''Umm.. Okay'', I knew its useless to argue with him, moreover I was dying from hunger so I found it better to have dinner with him. 


''President Rick I want a half day leave for tomorrow'', I said. 


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