I Hate Love Story


Alisha reached showroom, so many people's were crying after losing their loved one's, police had stopped everyone from entering the showroom... even news reporter were present..!

Looking at everyone crying and being sad....Alisha insidely she got scared, even she wanted to go inside the showroom, but police wouldn't listen to her..!

The showroom were filled with smokes, when she wasn't allowed to go inside, she screamed, "let me goooooo...!!!"

Policemen didn't listen to her at all...so she got tried and fell down their only and she started crying, "Amitt....! how can you leave me alone...? you can't go like this.... your very bad... you think only about yourself...!"

When Amit reached home...so Rahem chacha saw him and he said, "Amit sirr...!!" thank god your alright...!"

Amit confusingly he said, "why...? did something happened...?"

Rahem chacha said, "Yes at the XYZ Showroom some terrorist threw bomb, I thought you have gone to same showroom...!"

Amit sat on the swing and he said, "ohhh....! it's really very bad news, but I couldn't go to that showroom, I met Mayank, on the way so we went to another showroom.... you know right while driving I listen to just one song and I had no idea about this news!"

Rahem chacha, was very happy knowing that he didn't go that showroom and he thanked Mayank for it...!"

Amit went inside the house and he changed his clothes and came out...so Rahem chacha brought coffee for him..

Amit looked everywhere and he asked Rahem chacha, "where is alisha...? it's such a wonderful climate...she usually used to be here at the lawn itself dancing... today is Sunday, then where is she....?"

Rahem chacha scaredly he said, " when she heard that you have gone to the same showroom...where terrorist had attacked, so she was scared and she might have gone there itself...!"

Amit stopped drinking coffee and he asked, " when....?"

"When she heard the news, she went out..!" Rahem chacha answered.

"why did you let her go...?" Amit asked.

"Your phone was switched off and even I was scared for you.. because of this even I didn't think much...!" Rahem chacha answered.

Amit started walking around furiously, and when he tried calling Alisha her phone was at house only, Amit now he murmured, "firstly am tired of her carelessness, she is not conscious about anything, she could atleast took phone with her"

When Amit was going out... Rahem chacha interrupted him asking, "Sir...where are you going now....?'

Amit said, "so what should I sit here....? it's going to be dark soon; she might be in untoward and wandering around...?"

Rahim chacha said, "you stay here for some while, she might be worried, but if you go out to look for her and when she comes house after not seeing you here she will be worried more; she might not believe that your safe...!"

Amit sat on the swing and then he got up and started walking, he was looking at the gate itself, he had kept the gate opened...when it got even more darker and started raining too, so Amit couldn't wait any longer and he said to Rahem chacha, "I can't wait any longer...she should had come long back, i don't know where is she...?"

He went to his room took his jacket and as he walked outside he saw Alisha entering the gate..she looked broken and she was half wet, she stood upset..! When Amit looked at her...she stood in shock..Alisha after seeing him she started smiling and crying too...!

Amit walked towards her and even Alisha run and hugged Amit; even Amit hugged her tightly, both of them hugged and stood for a while..!

Amit and Alisha's both of them shared their feelings, both of them were standing in front of eachother safely...they didn't wish anything more than this...!

They felt very nice after hugging eachother..until now Amit was living his life so dull and lifeless after a years he felt someone's as his own..

Both of them were standing hugging eachother in the rain, ones Alisha had told him that, "Amit...! sometimes forget all your pain and enjoy your life in every way...! have you promised that you'll not listen to me...? get drenched in the rain sometimes and you will know the real feelings...!"

Really today...not only Amit's body even his mind was getting wet in the rain! because of rain water they could smell of soil and upon that both's togetherness was giving them peace, evening was even more romantic..!

Bolt (dog) barked so both of them quickly moved aside, Alisha saw another side and so did amit; at that time Amit looked at gate he saw his grandpa standing..he was standing right behind alisha, he even honked while sitting in the car, but both couldn't listen as they were lost in eachother..! 

Amit pressed his head and he said, "I didn't mean to do any thing like this...only to show grandpa..!"

Even Alisha looked another side and she said, "hmmm...! even I....! to show grandpa I had to react like this...!"

It was easy to lie to eachother, but how could we lie to oneself, both of them knew that they didn't do it for grandpa, then what had happened...? am I in love...? both of them were thinking and together they looked at eachother, but like every day they didn't smile...! 


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