Irresistible Invitations

Chapter 5

Juliette Pov

I jolted up from my sleep when I heard something breaking and a lot of noise from outside.

“What the heck?” I said as I rubbed my eyes and pushed back the strands of hair which were falling on my eyes disturbing me.

“Shut up!” I heard someone yelling.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself as I got up from the bed and made my way towards the door. Turning the door knob, I huffed out a sigh of relief when I found it unlocked.

“Should I check What is going on there?” I found myself questioning myself.

Opening the door, I peeped my head out to look around. When I found nobody, I took a step out and then slowly walked out of the room, closing the door slowly in the process.

“I said Shut up or else I will..” I heard yelling again and I began to follow the voice.

I heard a lot of crashing and thrashing sounds.

“What was seriously going on?” now I was beginning to feel worried and little-scared hearing all those sounds.

I walked towards the left corridor and then I reached a room whose door was closed.

“How the hell is that possible?”

“I don’t know anything just f*cking find him”

“You have a week in your hand. If you don’t give me his details in this week then I am gonna blow your head out of your body. Do you Understand?”

The person yelled and answering him, I heard a quite “Yes Sir!” probably from the people who were inside.

It took me few seconds to recognize the person who was yelling as Zachary.

But whom does he want to find this bad?

The question lingered in my mind.

I stood there listening and thinking to their conversation when I couldn’t register the door in front of me being open and before me stood a very strong built men with blood shot eyes looking pissed probably finding me eavesdropping.

“Oh No!” I muttered.

“Who are you?” He snarled as he took hold of my arm and shooked me with all his power that for one second I thought I was going to dislocate my arm from my shoulder.

“Ah hey leave me!” I cried as I tried to get myself free.

“You were listening to our conversation. A spy!” He concluded and soon there was a Gun pointed at my head.

“Tell me who are you before I blow you -” he was cut off by Zachary himself.

“What’s going on there Max?” Zachary spoke from behind him and I was sure he didn’t have any Idea that I was the one standing at the door because the person Max who was pointing a Gun on my forehead was so huge, that he was fully blocking the sight of me from Zachary.

I was sure, my eyes were glistening with tears due to fear and for the first time in my life, I prayed the almighty to let Zachary see me before its too late.

“Boss we have an intruder here. She was eavesdropping. A spy!” The person whose name was Max spoke pressing the Gun on to my forehead.

“What? Who is it?” I heard Zachary speak and then some shuffling noise and footsteps means he was coming towards us.

“Boss I got this! I am just gonna blow her head” Max snarled angrily.

I seriously thought that today was my end. I closed my eyes waiting for him to pull the trigger and kill me. But I heard Zachary

“What the hell?”

“Put that gun down” he yelled.

“No! Boss, she is an intruder. She was eavesdropping” Max argued

“I said put that gun down else I will blow your head off” Zachary yelled.

“But Bos-” Max was cut off by Zachary.

“Put that Gun out of my wife’s head before I kill you” Zachary yelled angrily and my eyes fluttered open hearing the word “wife” from his mouth.

“W-Wife?” Max stammered and I think I heard him gulping.

“Oh, I am so sorry Ma’am” finally he took that stupid gun down and I exhaled a breath that I didn’t know I was holding.

“I am so sorry. Please Forgive me. I didn’t know that you were his wife” I heard Max’s apologies.

“How dare you-” I saw Zachary taking his Gun out and he was looking beyond angry at Max and before he could commit another crime I managed to butt in.

“Uh haha. It’s alright! No problem!” I laughed humourlessly and my statement cut Zachary in the middle. As he looked confused at my sudden change in demeanor.

This was the technique.

If I looked anything near to scared, then Max would have been shot by now. My calm behavior changed Zachary’s mind. This is what my Dad thought me earlier.

“I love you Dad!” I mentally screamed missing him.

“I forgive you haha” I laughed a little eyeing towards Zachary’s gun.

“W-What? Did you forgive me? So easily?” I found Max staring at me all shocked.

“Of course! It’s not your fault. It’s okay!” I watched as Zachary took his hand which was holding that deadly weapon down.

“Oh Thank you! Thank you so much Ma’am” he looked overjoyed.

It’s strange how everyone were scared of Zachary. I mean in compare to strength I think Zachary is nothing to the man standing before me because he muscular, well built, tall and what not. He can probably take Zachary down in fight. But see the Irony! He looked as if he was gonna pee on his pants seeing Zachary angry.

“Uh I am going back to my room. Can you please send Whitney to my room?” I tried to change the topic and asked the question directly to Zachary.

He stared at me for some minute and then nodded.

“Thank You uh Bye!” I found myself waving to Max who was still looking tensed.

“Uh? Bye!” He responded waving back a little.

I gave him a small smile and turned around to leave. I took slow steps and as soon as I crossed the main corridor, I ran.

I ran using my full strength back to my room.

Reaching my room, I closed the door shut and relaxed a little. I was panting badly due to fear and as well as the physical exercise I just did.

“How many times am I going to survive all this?” I screamed looking upwards.

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