John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever

The Porch


We made it back, we weren't gone long; only ten minutes. I let Mary slip past me and to her room upstairs. Mr. Handson sat at the porch with my Mother. She gave me an angry look, I knew she couldn't say anything to hurt me. Handson I don't know about.

“That was highly immature.” mom said.

“So was Mr. Handson decision to break and enter, however here we are.” I say calmly as possible.

Handson gives me a look, he wants to make a point.

“John, Mr. Handson has done a lot for us.” she stomps her foot and points up at the porch roof “He payed for this house bills, he payed for our groceries, he paid for your clothes.” she gave me a weary look. She knew that I was not going to budge.

“We don’t like him, we don't trust him, and we don’t need him” I made our grievances clear. She gave me a dead look, her eyes tired, and her stare understanding. She tried her best, that's what she was telling me. She gave up, Handson was her answer.

“Well you want someone to pay for your football shit don't you?” Mom says, she gets up quickly and limply. She also takes a glass of wine off from the patio table. “Ask your new dad.” mom said with sarcastic customer service tone. Handson looked me in the eye, his arms still drooping over the spot my mom had rested her head. He was a suave individual, if there was anything to say about him.

“I believe you need money?” he asks.

“Ya, fitting for football and transport.” I say

“You can have it, I thought you and Mary liked me” He said.

“We don't hate you, if that makes you feel any better.” I retort, trying to make him feel somewhat better.

“Charming, you know John? When I first met you I thought you a bright and brilliant boy. I still think that, I understand you may be upset. However your mom needs a real man in her life.” he steps closer, Handson was an entire head shorter than me, however he was taller than my mother “You’re a boy, that's not an insult thats a fact. You need to understand that you can’t provide.” he grabs my left arm and rubs my bicep “No matter how strong and handsome you are.”

“Let go of me.” I look him in the eyes. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't let go of me. He looked me in the eyes and came closer.

“Understand that.” he came as close as he could, and then put his fingers in my pocket and patted me on the back. Then walked inside the house with his glass of wine. I felt the pocket and pulled out 200 dollars in cash. I officially hate Mr. Handson.  I walked inside the house, past rows and rows of family photos all the way to the stairs. I walked up them and made my way once up top to my room which sat at end of the hallway. At the other end where the stairs where was my mother room, so I tiptoed past it, Mary’s room was silent, she was adjacent to mine. The hallway lights still remained on. As I was about to close my door Handson emerged from my mother's room without a shirt on revealing his toned body, he stared me down with a wicked smile. Then flipped the switch. The world was now engulfed by darkness. I thought about blackness, and I thought about forever. I thought about Handson. I thought about Father. I thought about the hate I feel. I thought about Mary. Then I thought about the bed. So I closed the door and walked into bed. I thought about home, I thought about school. I thought about me. I thought about darkness. I thought about sleep. Then, I thought about forever....


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