John, Mary And The Beautiful Forever


The day drifted on, classes passed. Then lunch came. Everyone sat in the middle of the quad underneath a tree that was planted in the center of the school. Brown paper bags littered the concrete and dirt. I forgot to pack a lunch, which in turn meant Mary had nothing to eat either. So I went looking for her in the spot she was most likely to be; her science class. Alas I was correct and I found her sitting inside the class waiting her turn to feed one of the many animals inside the classroom. Glass cages were stacked side by side against the windows of the class, animals of all kinds, from furry too scaly sat or saw eagerly for their food. Mary wanted to feed the lizards, they had a mighty looking bearded dragon, and a leopard gecko side by side in opposing containers. A few other students waited in the class to feed animals to albeit the more fluffy kind. The other students in the room were girls from my math class, one of them looked at me and smiled; I think her name was Becky? I limply waved back unsure of her name, and then pulled a seat by Mary who sat looking at the Lizards, I flicked her on the shoulder.

“You hungry?” I asked pulling out my wallet “I'm gonna go buy lunch today.” I pointed to the lunch cart right outside the door. she nodded her head neatly.

“Can you get me a chicken sandwich and a milk.” Mary asked me. I nodded and walked back out, with the same girls smiling at me.

I got in line it was short with only a few people ahead of me, most people don’t eat the school lunch. Too expensive for most, and for the few that can afford it, they choose not too. The reasons for that being its awful. Everything was either too dry or too soggy. The few things that were at least possible for eating was the Chicken sandwich. It fell right in the middle of those two extremes, so I ordered two of them, as well as a milk and juice.

I turned around back to the room, the two girls were talking to Mary. I smiled, not a lot of people talk too her. Kinda the reason I sat next to her at lunch, people talk with me but I'm never one to really hold a conversation. Mary definitely could hold a conversation, just starting it was her main issue, also keeping the listener if I'm being honest. She tries, just she is sometimes a bit off.  

Her love of the unconventional and her choices in dress alienated her. They thought she was some kind of autistic too. She didn't quite make the cut, to mom’s relief. I just decided to sit next to her at lunch and try to bring over people, it never worked. Except for now. The two girls were sitting at the desk looking at Mary and laughing and playing with her.  I walked up behind them.

“Everything going well?” I asked with a cautious voice, and the question being directed at Mary. She shook her head.

“I'm showing them the mealworms.” I smiled.

“Really now? How’s that working out?” I gave her a glance, she knew what it meant..

“Becky? You really have a bearded dragon?” Mary kept eye contact with me, and held a snarky smirk.

Becky looked at me, smiled and brushed her hair blonde hair out of her face. She nodded her head, and put her hand out too Mary. Mary put down a mealworm in Becky’s hand.

“I had no idea your sister was such an animal lover.” Becky said to me with a smile on her face. She got off from the desk and leaned over and dangled the worm over the lizards face, the worm made a fish hook shape. Then, Flick, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. The lizard smacked his mouth with a smile.   Mary looked up at her shocked, then she smiled. “My dad, used to design heat lamps for lizards, so I like em too” she looked at Mary in a kind way. I couldn't help but smile as I handed Mary her meal.

Mary unwrapped the paper foil and took one bite down the center of the sandwich, I was about to do the same but Beck caught my attention again.

“Hey John?” she asks

“Ya?” I ask my mouth almost about to reach the sandwich.

“Your trying out for football team right?” Becky points too her pin. It's a golden football; Handy downs from a food chain that went out of business. they gave us the pins from a superbowl promotion a few years back.

“Ya, this afternoon.” I replied back.

“Is that so?” she smiled lightly as she asked a somewhat sarcastic question

“Ya I'm heading after school.” I answered again

“You think after all of that you can help me get my cheer box to my car?” she looks at me, and then sways to the side. “It's pretty heavy” she says.

“I’ll see if I can help, we are getting picked up early today.” I respond.

“Oh..ok, hopefully you can” Becky says with a frown, her whole face suddenly turning down a few notches in tone and colour. The bell rang, Becky left with her friend pretty quickly, within a few seconds it was just me and Mary. She gave me an unimpressed look.

“You’re an idiot” she said quite calmly and with no hesitation

“Why?” I asked in a manner a tad bit more aggressive

“She likes you.” Mary says annoyed

“She does?” Surprised.


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