Chapter 3

Everything turned to be smooth with her.That morning was the cheeziest one ever.I was waiting for here on the table fo breakfast.Usually,she's never late but she was missing from my vision since today morning.It was 8:10,she knew that I leave at 8:30,I yelled a bit annoyingly,"Priya...where are you ?".

Priya came walking and dressing up her hairs,"Yes I am here, speak now".I was left mum when I saw her.It was the first time when I saw her in that black saree.Such a curvy body can make any tempting.Her sexy figure,slightly showing off here smooth silky waist and a belly button cute enough to smooch.I was just staring her with my jaws dropping.She asked ignoring my stupidity,"Arent you getting late?".I gave a gaze to my watch and rushed towards my office.I was pondering whole day what was so special today,she never wears saree unocasionally.I thought why not ask her.,but the man in my mind started saying,"Don't be a despo moron,what she will think about you,a extremely excited man with no patience".Finally, I decided to wait till evening for me to reach home.

[ After a long working schedule,I left for home,all the way trying to hide mt desperateness.]

I reached home with a small bouquet in a my hand.She was still in that saree,I handed her the bouquet.Before I could compliment her anything, she moved inside the kitchen giving a weird smirk,naughty enough to evoke my  excitment.I sat on the sofa in the living room,she handed me a glass of water with some chocolates as snacks.

The moment she turned ,she made me stare again.Her figure was extremely tempting ,enough to kill me any moment.She slowly took her hairs in front and i got a gaze of very soft, swift back with a slim waist swaying here and there,She was making me impatient.Soon,my pateince crossed the bar, I decided to go behind her.I holded her tightly as soon as entered the kitchen.I murmured, slowly smooching her neck,"You are very tempting stop killing me!".She tried loosing my arms and turned towards me and whispered,"What are you doing,leave me despo".Her beautiful black eyes with those long eyelashes were full of confusion and guilt.We stared into each others eyes for a while,my lips were almost touched to her cherry lips,which keeps flaunting at me.We were just about to kiss and the clever girl picked up a chocolate kept on the table and placed  it in my mouth and pushed me away from her.I felt I hurt her,so I tried explaining her about me and my patience..The only bell ringing in my mind was," am I in love with her or its just the lust making me do all thi stuff.




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