Living Underwater

Chapter 9

My eyes suddenly opened and the nightmare soon got over. I sat up on my bed and peeped down to see that Sam was already gone. Looking out of the window made me smile as the refracted light rays were making a beautiful pattern and obviously the fishes and other underwater creatures for sure increased the beauty of underwater world.

I climbed down the ladder and went close to the window, where a familiar treasure house greeted me. I saw the whole golden city of Dwarka which gave me goosebumps. Now, observing it properly I can say that it is wonderful. I didn't observe it this properly back then. Well, they all did drive the submarine till here. Wait, then must they be leaving for the mission without me? No, no. Can't let that happen. I quickly ran towards their dining room and saw everybody eating their breakfast with happiness.

Sure, they must have achieved something, or else nobody would be happy just like that. Sam, on the other hand looked way too happy. I went near them and folded my hands against my chest. I cleared my throat and looked Sam straight in the eye.

" W..what? " He stammered.

" You all didn't wake me up, and give me the good news. "

" What good news? " Asked Somil, his eyebrows raised questingly.

" That we arrived at the golden City of Dwarka? "

" Oh, " everybody said together.

" At first we also mistook it for the golden City. But, that's not the case. "

" But, this is the same city that we saw back then. " I protested.

" Well, that was this city only and this one's fake. "

" What? "

" Yeah, it's fake. When you carefully observe it you'll notice it. Look at the map first. Do you see something different? "

I observed the map carefully and I looked through the window at the city that was right before my eyes. Yes, this seems different. The positions of the statues are different from that given in the map. Also, the whole city looked like the mirror image of the map of the Golden City.

" But, this map could also be wrong. "

" Not a chance, this is the oldest map. "

" Oh! " I exclaimed and again started observing the city. But, why would there be a fake city.

" But, why would there be a fake city?" Sam voiced out my thoughts and I opened my mouth to answer.

" That might be to confuse all the gold diggers and to prevent the treasure from going into wrong hands. "

" Hmm, that could also be the case. " Somil said.

" But, why are you all so happy ? " I frowned.

" That's because, we found a lead to the real city. " Laila said, her eyes seemed to literally sparkle.

" OMG! Show me. " I almost yelled at them out of my crazy excitement.

" For that we need to go inside the fake city. " Said somil, being calm as always.

" Ok, so where are we guys going to place this submarine, someone has to stay here, right? "

" Hmm, we've decided Laila and I will be staying in here. " Sam said.

" Hmm. Guys, do you still have the oxygen cylinders that I was carrying? " I asked with hope.

" Yeah. " Was the only answer I recieved.

" Hey! I think it's not safe to go in there. " Riya said.

" Why?! " Asked Eva.

" Because, I don't have a good feeling about this. " Answered Riya.

Somil and the others came near.

" There's nothing to be afraid of, afterall it's the fake city. " Said Diya.

" That's probably the best reason to be afraid of. Because, if this fake city is to protect the real one from the gold diggers, then this city surely must've more than hundreds of traps. Also, remember how all the gold diggers had died who had attempted to steal gold. " I said whatever that came on my mind and realised that it makes sense after saying it.

" Yeah, we never thought about it!! " Exclaimed Laila.

" That's going to be adventurous. " Somil almost yelled and for the first time I saw him smile.

" Are you serious!! We can lose our lives!! " Now it was my turn to shout.

We started arguing about whether it's dangerous or not. Diya, Jay, and Sam were on my side, whereas, Riya, Laila, Somil, and Eva were against us.

Almost after 20 minutes of arguing, we all settled for the previous plan, realising that going in was more important than arguing.

Diya also decided to stay in the submarine with Laila and Sam. I was getting more and more nervous as I strapped the belt of the oxygen cylinder and put on the glasses.

" Ok, everyone ready? " Said Somil. I couldn't almost recognise him in his diving suit. Also, I couldn't recognise the others too. I was still indecisive on whether I should go or not.

" Hey guys! I'm scared!! "

" No need to be afraid Leela, we are with you. Nothing will happen, as long as we be careful and on alert. " Jay said patting my head. Eva gave me a toothy grin and the rest others smiled at me. 
That was more than enough to convince me into going with them.

" Let's do this!! " I cheered.

" Yeah, let's do this!! " All of them exclaimed together. Ok, so now I'm feeling like puking. Because whenever I get too much excited or nervous I feel nauseous.

The inner air pressure of the submarine was increased before the gate was opened. We swam our way out and stood exactly in front of the entrance of the city.

I felt so small in front of it. One last look at the submarine and we all took off towards the entrance. There were no traps, however, near the entrance gate, but, I'm sure we'll be meeting them soon.

We all went through the huge gates into the grand palace, which had been partially damaged by the water. Carefully we entered the huge hall before us, that was obviously filled with darkness. We lighted up our torches and Somil and Jay, went in first, holding up their palms for the rest of us to stay outside.

They checked everything inside before signalling for us to follow them. On entering, my nervousness grew more and more as I was scared of the darkness that surrounded me. Also, the torch did so little to help me with my fear as I was not able to see clearly my comrades.

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