Love's Trials

CHAPTER 2 The Business Meeting

Angela P.O.V.

    I walked over to my colleague. " Hey,  Jane let's go to the venue together". " Ohh Angela, okay let's go".

     We walked together to the venue and when we were close to the venue, I suddenly said to Jane " Jane, you go ahead, I am just going to the restroom". " Ok then ". I walked to the restroom and reapplied my lipstick. After finishing my make up I walked back to the venue and was a little shocked to see that Jace was there!

      I walked over to Jane and noticed that she was squealing. " What's happening?" I asked her. " OMG, are you serious Angela!? HE'S HERE!!" "Who's here?" " Jace Lyndon Willams IS HERE! THE MULTIMILLIONAIRE AND HE'S ALSO ONE OF THE TOP 5 RICHEST BACHELORS!!" " Ohhh" I murmured to myself. Then she giggled, I guess she heard me.

     I spared a glance to Jace and saw that he was smiling at me. I returned the smile, when suddenly the meeting started, so I focused on it instead of Jace.
     After the meeting......

      " Angela, I'll go ahead. Bye". " Ohhh okay, byeee Jane". Then I was all alone  outside the venue. Just then, Jace came up to me " Hey Angela I didn't expect to meet you here" " Hi Jace, I also didn't expect it" " So your going home or to a hotel?" " Ohhh no, I was going to the cafe, to just chill I guess" " Ohhh let me accompany you, I was going there anyway". " Of course"

       In the cafe......

       "So your Mary Angela Whites, the only heiress to the Shinning Star Company and also one of the top 5 gorgeous ladies in London. WOW, I can't believe you are sitting in front of me right now" He smirked and my heart was pounding, he was gorgeous when smirking. " Hmmm, yeah I'm Mary Angela Whites, but YOU are Jace Lyndon Willams, the top 5  richest bachelors in New York and also the only heir of the Flaming Sun Company, And now you are sitting in front of me and also talking to me right now!!! Can you believe THAT " I said with a teasing smile.

        " Yeah, I can believe it! I feel very honored right now, talking to Mary Angela Whites" He replied. I giggled softly " Your funny, I am the one who's honored" I smiled. " So can we be friends?" He asked me. I was a bit shocked " uhh- umm, a- are" " it's fine if you don't want to" " Uhhhh no, Iwas just shocked that you want to be my friend." " Huh, why would you be shocked?" He asked me.

        " It's just that I don't really have many friends and I don't even have a single male friend and I was just--- I don't know - shocked that you want to be friends with me" I said as I lowered my head a little. He lifted my chin with his thumb and index finger. " Then I will be your first male friend Angela" he smiled at me. " Thank you Jace". I smiled and I didn't expect myself to hug him. I stand from my seat and HUGGED HIM! O GOSH ANGELA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!, my mind said.

Jace P.O.V.

          Is this really happening, my mind asked. I was really shocked when she suddenly hugged me, but I got over it and hugged her back. I put my arms around her and returned her hug. " I- I'm sorry" she said pulling away from the hug. " Sorry I just got carried away" she added. " It's fine Angela, you don't have to be sorry" . She giggled and went back to her seat. Then her phone rang. " I got to get this call , excuse me" " ohhh of course" she smiled at me before she answered. Oh her smile, I could stare at her smile all day, she is really making an affect on me.

           Then I heard her say " Hey babe, what is it?". DOES SHE HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR SOMETHING??!, my mind and heart spoke at the same time. After 10 mins. she came back. "So does your parents know about him?" I asked her, I can't believe I just said that. " Huh, what do you mean?" " I mean him, your boyfriend" " What? Boyfriend? I don't understand." " The one who called you, the caller, your boyfriend." Then she starts laughing. I was so confused. "What did I say something funny?" I was recalling everything I said to her.

            After she pulled herself together, she said " I am so sorry, it's not what you think, I don't have a boyfriend" after hearing that I felt very relieved. " So who were you calling?" " It was just my best friend, Aesha. We call each other babe, baby, love , sweetheart, honey, cutie, and many more and of course our names. " " Ohhhh" " Of she calls me baby, then I also need to call hear baby. It's already like our own rule. You know how girls are- sometimes their weird" "

               " I was just shocked" She giggled. " Yeah if I was in your place, I would also be shocked and confused" She smiled at me again. " So let's just use this time to know each other" I said to her. " Ohh yeah, sure. That would be great! I would really want to know more about about my new friend or should I say Jace Lyndon Willams". " Shhhhhh, keep quiet, if you don't want women flocking us" I joked.

              " Oh yeah I almost forgot" she said smirking.

               We spent the rest of the afternoon knowing more about each other. Then we decided to meet every time we are free from our busy schedules. After chilling and talking for the whole afternoon, we decided that it's time to go. " Bye Gela, see you next time " I smiled and hugged her as we stand on the side of her car. " Bye lynd, see you the next time" she hugged me back before getting inside her car.

           We decided to give each other nicknames. I call her " Gela" from Angela and she calls me "Lynd" from my second name Lyndon. I like it very much. I am really hoping to see her again next time. I went home took a shower and went to bed, but I can't sleep. Angela's face keep flashing in my mind. I just stared at the ceiling until sleep overcame me. Good night Mary Angela Whites. Good night Gela.

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