Luna Grace


Grace's Pov
He was acting weird today. From when Grey arrived in school today, late, I knew something was wrong. He barely glanced at me; saying that might sound really selfish but that had never happened before. He had bags - luggage under his eyes and his clothes were wrinkled. I tried to tell myself that I didn't care. It didn't matter if he wasn't doing okay because he was finally leaving me alone which is what I wanted from the beginning...right?

Wrong. I don't know what it was but something kept pulling me towards Grey and I didn't know why. My heart was aching by lunchtime and he was the only thing on my mind.

Which is why I didn't resist when I found myself waking to his table at lunch. His friends saw me coming and their eyes widened.

Okay maybe this was a bad idea. We weren't even necessarily friends! And I was inviting myself to their table.

What if he got angry with me, or made a scene in front of the cafeteria??

Well it was too late to turn back because I was at their table. Grey's head was on the table so he hadn't seen me coming. His friends were still staring at me.

"Um- hi." Grey's head snapped up and soon as he heard my voice. I licked my lips nervously. "Can- can I- uh- sit down?"

I had barely finished my question when an arm wrapped around my waist and I found myself in Grey's lap. He wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck.

Wait, whatt????

I squirmed and he groaned.

"Uh- what are you doing??"

"Thank you" he whispered into my ear; sniffing my hair and drawing in a long deep breath.

I squirmed again and he finally let me go as I scrambled onto the bench space beside him.

Why was he thanking me??

My heart was beating fast. The whole cafeteria was staring at me; at us. That was the closest I'd ever been to a boy.

I was seriously ashamed to say I kind of missed the warmth of his body.

I'm going to hell.

"Well nice to meet you too, babe" One of his friends across the table said and stretched out his hand. "I'm Ryan"

I reached out to shake his hand but Grey grabbed it and- I would say....growled? at Ryan.

Ryan raised his hands and laughed "I was just introducing myself but I can definitely tell it's going to be fun riling you up"

The boy beside Ryan slapped the back of Ryan's head. "He hit his head on the ground when he was a baby. Never been the same. I'm Mason, by the way."

I smiled and nodded, still not trusting myself to speak in front of three boys.

"Well aren't you going to tell us your name? I'm perfectly fine with calling you cupcake but I have a feeling I might not live much longer after I say it." He looked at Grey out of the corners of his eyes.

"Oh- sorry. I'm Tamara Grace"

"Tamara Grace" Ryan tested my name "Can I call you Gracie?"

A low rumble was heard from beside me. "No you can fucking not. Her name is Tamara"

It was the first time Grey had really spoken since I arrived at their table and my heart fluttered a little.

"Alright! Tamara you better do something to fix him. His mood's going to kill us before the end of the day"

Mason slapped the back of his head again. "Let's go"

They picked their stuff; Ryan grumbling throughout.

"Nice to meet you, Tamara Grace." Mason shot over his shoulder as he dragged Ryan out.

And then we were alone.

Okay technically not alone since we were in a room full of people but still-

We were alone.

And I was overly conscious of the fact that Grey hadn't let my hand go since he stopped my from shaking Ryan.

My tiny hand was still gripped in his; his thumb occasionally sweeping over the back of my hand.

He was looking straight ahead and I wished he would let me see his eyes.

"Are you okay?" I asked softly

And then his grey eyes settled on me.

The bell rang.

I stood up immediately. I hated being late to class.

He stood up too "Let's go".

I picked up my bag and only then did I realise I hadn't even touched the sandwich I had brought from home.

We went out of the cafeteria and into the hallway. Navigation was easy seeing as everybody moved out of the way immediately they saw Grey coming.

We turned a corner and stopped outside of the Art classroom.

"You're not coming in?" I asked

"No. I have some things to do."

"Oh" I felt angry with myself for the amount of dissapointment I felt simply because he wasn't coming to class.

"I'll see you tonight"

And then he was gone before his words really registered.





Edited: 22.01.2021

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