Married To The Badboy Superstar





It’s was a rough couple of months, what with custody battles, crazy exes, plane crashes and almost losing the most important father figure and role model to grace my life. It turned out I had another father figure I wasn’t aware of. It was discovered when I needed a blood transfusion. It was later revealed that Jones was my biological father when he was tested to see whether he was a match for my rare blood type. His DNA was a perfect match.


I didn’t know what to make of that because it just didn’t make sense. The logistics, the reasoning behind it-how and where did he meet my mom? Did it mean she cheated on my dad? Was it just a drunken one-nightstand that they both didn’t remember?  Why didn’t he tell me about it before?


I chose not to think about it-actually-I didn’t want to know. Not that I didn’t appreciate what he did-I was just glad to be alive and was grateful that Jones saved my life. The only problem was this new revelation changed the whole dynamic of our relationship. We couldn’t talk to each other like we used to-we couldn’t even be in the same room. Things were awkward and tense-almost unbearable, that he asked to be relieved of his duties and got no argument from me.  Kyle was kind enough to offer him employment at one of his companies and I managed to avoid him at all costs.


I used the time I was in hospital to work on myself and my music of course. I managed to write a whole album in the two months I was stuck in my depressing, private ward. I turned it into a temporary studio where my band would spend the day making beautiful music with me. We released the first single and it was an instant hit. We would roll out the rest of the album as we went along.


I was still on crutches when Nicole slapped me with a lawsuit. She wanted full custody of our son as well as five million dollars’ worth of child support every month. She was a joker, right? I loved her sense of humor.


I did everything to make sure she was comfortable but she just kept getting greedier and more demanding. I bought her a house with servants, paid all her bills, made sure there was food on the table, got her an expensive sports car and another car with a chauffeur to drive her and my son around. What more did she want from me? I owed her nothing, to be honest, I was responsible for my son and not her. I think I was more than generous with her and even my wife was very accommodating. Lana went above and beyond as far as they were both concerned. She treated him like he was her very own. I don’t know-I couldn’t understand what more Nicole wanted or what she was after. Well, I knew-she wanted more money-she intended to squeeze out as much as she could from me.

The custody battle got uglier with every court session. Nicole divulged the worst things about me and Lana-she managed to paint us in a pretty bad light. Her attorney dug up all the dirt he could find-including my struggle with my addictions and Lana’s alcoholism. Obviously, my psycho father was the cherry on the cake. She looked like the victim- like a sweet innocent angel.


It was time to fight fire with fire. Two could blame the game. I was going to hit back hard.


The media was in a frenzy and shamelessly stalked my family and friends. I had been involved in multiple altercations with overly aggressive paparazzi-which didn’t help my case. It did more harm than good as you would have guessed. The headlines usually went along the line of ‘Once A Badboy Always A Badboy’ or my favorite: ‘A Badboy Will Never Change His Spots.


Court was in session and it was intense as usual. My defense was on top of their game today, I was thinking of giving them a raise. They brought Nicole to her knees right there on the witness stand. Things were beginning to look up. I just might win this one after all. Then all the hard work went downhill when Nicole’s boyfriend provoked me just as I was about to leave the courtroom.


“Hey Carter,” he sneered. “Did your little brat tell you I beat him to a pulp and then made him watch while I serviced his mother? I think he’s going to turn out just like you and lust after the woman who raised him?”


I marched towards him and grabbed his collar. “What did you just say to me?!”



“He loved it too,” he cackled maliciously. “He’s a pervert just like his dad-”


He didn’t get to finish. My fist flew and smashed his head. Then I leaped on top of him, pummeling him like an eighth-grade schoolyard brawler until he was lying there motionless.  I would have killed him if the security guards hadn’t pulled me away. I was prepared to serve time for ending the life of this sick bastard.

Cameras flashed and there were murmurs of disapproval or shock all around. Frankly, I didn’t care-this guy got what he deserved.


“Oh, Carter!” Lana cried out as she looked at me in despair.


“Not now Lana!” I wiped my hand over my mouth and stormed out bur she followed closely behind.


“Do you realize what you’ve just done?”


“I said not now!” I shouted from over my shoulder as we hurried down the corridor.


“This could have cost you your son and all this would have been for nothing,” she persisted.


I stopped abruptly and turned to face her. “Do you think I don’t know that!?”


“Then why did you do it Carter?!”

“You didn’t hear what that sick bastard said to me-”


“He did that intentionally. He just wanted to provoke you,” she sighed. “And he succeeded Carter.”


“I can’t do this right now,” I stabbed my hands in my hair. “I’ll see you at home. Or whatever.”


“Jordan wait!”


Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Edited: 30.11.2020

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