Maya : The Obsessed Lover

Chapter 6

Maya's home,.. 

Then in next morning, Ella mentioned about Maya's birthday when she was eating her breakfast but after listening about her own birthday her face turned in fear and anger. Maya stopped eating and said “done” but Ella noticed her face and said “what happened Maya? At least now change? Everybody gets smile on their faces after listening about their birthdays but you never”.... 

But Maya wished her mom Good day and went for office... There after reaching she sat in her cabin and started to think about her childhood... 

In her childhood on her 5th birthday, her dad gave her surprise party but he did always hated Maya, and disturbed Maya a lot on her birthday, he did smear the cake on her face badly, not just that but locked her in a dark room. 

She was thinking about that only and suddenly listened a sound from near the door “good morning goddess!” and Maya replied “you too”....

Asher went in his cabin and started to do his work. There Maya smiled after that he wished. It's about to notice that Maya smiled? Well she smiled only with her mom, but he smiled coz of Asher too!


Day was good, and Asher in his cabin just thinking about a plan for Maya's birthday. And in evening all went for their home. 



It's 18th October's night and Maya was still remembering about her childhood. It was so terrible for her and she came in her bathroom, turned on shower and sat under it. She was wetting and also suffering from headache. Her eyes were red in anger and coz of tears too. 

There Asher and Amy were planning, Amy said “surprise her?” Asher said “of course, but in office? Where everybody can see?? And she will feel blessed??” Amy said “why not? That's great!”

After planning they slept,.. and next day on 19th Asher came and saw there's nobody in Maya's cabin. He asked Alina “Maya is late? She don't waste her time and she's late! Haha!! She should work on herself and she teaches us!”

Alina said “mam, won't attend today”

Asher asked why. Alina said “ya.. she just told me that she won't come, and I don't ask anything till she won't tell by herself, coz she doesn't like! But now I'm thinking that how would I take her sign in these documents?” 

Asher asked what documents. 

Alina said “these documents, these are for working with new partners but she's not here to sign, and it's urgent to sign till next morning”

Asher said “oh God! But it's your problem haha!!” then....

Asher came in his cabin and started to think that now how would he surprise her? And called Amy and Amy said “then surprise her in her home stupid! By the way don't say anything just buy a cake and come to her home before 20th October” 

And Asher said okay.


In evening they met, there Asher came with cake and it was 11PM. And asked Amy “now what?”

She said “what? Go into her apartment and wish her?”

He said “okay, let's go”

Amy said “what is let us? Only you'll go! Not me!!!”

Asher asked why? 

Amy said “oh God! You're her employee! Not me... Now go”

Asher said “but.... Okay but at least walk to her entrance?”

Amy said okay. And both went but there gaurd stopped both of them, and told them that entry after 6PM is not allowed coz Maya doesn't want anybody to come. But Asher told him that he has some important papers to sign and it's compulsory. Guard said “mam, ordered me that whatever the reason is but nobody will come after 6PM”

Asher and Amy tried a lot to convince him and also Asher tried to suborn him but he said no to it. 

After a failer, they both came outside and then Amy told him to go back to home. But Asher said no coz he decided to surprise her.

And he ascend to the floor 48th, that is Maya's floor. And Amy was waiting for him to come. There Maya in her room suddenly saw a hand near her window and scared, she took a knife and walked to window but she saw Asher and changed her face. Because she doesn't want to show her another side that is like a little child and loving. Asher said *hi”

 Maya said “what are you doing here? And how you dare to enter like this? And how did you done that??”

Asher said “at least let me come inside?”

She said “no! Answer here only!!”

But Ella came and saw Asher and asked “who is he Maya?”

Maya was going to tell her mother but Asher answered in middle “hello aunty! I'm Maya's new employee Asher”

Ella said “then come inside son, and why didn't you came from entrance?”

Asher said “he wasn't allowing aunty” 

He came inside and said “i am socked to see that Maya don't allow entries after 6? Maya! Who can scare you?? Even you scare everyone.. hahahaha!!”

Ella smiled wide and laughed a little but Maya saw at her mom and Ella stopped. And Maya said “how you dare to say that? It's my house!! And you're calling me Maya only? Call me Maya mam!! And first of all just get out from here!”

Asher said “okay, I came here only to surprise you and to sign some documents, Alina told me that it's compulsory. And it's not office so I'll call you Maya mam”

Maya said “who told you to give me surprise? And I know what to do for my company so don't need to teach me! Okay?”

He said “ok ok, calm down, why you're always angry.. and it's 11:59.. only 1 minute left”

Ella took the cake and said “look Maya, he came only to give you a surprise and you're angry on him, that's not good Maya. Just come and cut the cake”

Asher said “yes aunty, you're right! And you're so sweet, I can't believe she's your daughter”

Maya said “never try to come between us! And I said go!”

But Ella stopped Maya and pleased her to celebrate her birthday and she did coz she never want to make her mother unhappy. Then Asher also signed the documents from Maya and was going but Maya stopped him and told him to go from window only. 


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