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I pay for all the groceries and Dev helps me carry them to the car.

"I still cannot believe that you are now a mother." He comments, looking at Teddy on my hip.

"Yeah. I guess it's my calling." I smile at the small boy in my arms.

"You are a paediatrician after all. You did decide to specialise in children Alex. I think you make a great mother." He smiles, and opens the trunk of the car, putting all the grocery bags inside.

"Can I come over tonight? I'm sure that's easier for you with Teddy and all." He asks, grinning his signature Devin smile.

"Yeah. I'd like that. See you then Dev." I smile.

"I'll bring take out!" He shouts as he walks to his car. I roll my eyes and buckle Teddy up.

"I like him." Teddy says, "But where is Mr. Boss Man, mommy?" He asks, holding his wolf teddy bear.

"He has his own girlfriend honey." I smile and hop into the driver's seat.

"Ew! I thought he loved you, Mommy!" He squeals. I shrug sadly.

"I don't think he does Squirt." I smile and put on some music, which mainly consists of nursery rhymes for the little rascal in the back. He sings along to the songs, as he has clearly learnt them off by heart, and we arrived home in no time.

I carried out the groceries and unbuckled Teddy who helped me carry.


The doorbell rings and Teddy raced over to the door, revealing Devin dressed in a beanie, his favourite sweater, along with a brown jacket, blue jeans, and his signature smile.

"Hey gorgeous." He says, still grinning. He pulls me in for a kiss.

"Where's the food?" I ask, looking at him empty handed. He laughs, and the deep sound bounces around my ears.

"Oh!" He mocks hurt, "I see how it is. You only want the food." He walks back to his car and pulls out a picnic basket. I raise an eyebrow.

"Isn't it a little too cold for a picnic, honey?" I ask, a smirk lining my features.

"Never." He grins and leads me inside, his hand causing shivers against the small of my back as he leads me inside.

Teddy comes racing down into Devin, who proceeds to fling him up into the air. I take the picnic basket from his grasp, allowing Devin to get more comfortable with the little rascal. I grab our picnic blanket from the cupboard and set it up in the living room. It's too cold to have a picnic outside. I put the basket on the floor and smile as Devin carries Teddy over to where I am sitting.

"Let's feast shall we?" Devin says and opens the picnic basket. He pulls out a container full of homemade sandwiches with chicken mayo on.

"Dev, did you make this?" I ask, grateful for the man sitting next to me.

He grins. "Yeah."

"This means a lot Dev. Thank you." I smile and lean on his shoulder.

"Anything for you darling." He says, but I feel that it was sarcastic.

"Hey." I say, taking my head off his shoulder, punching him hard.

"Come on Alex. I'm only teasing. You can lie on my shoulder again." I raise an eyebrow.

"Hell no!" I tease, "You had your chance and you blew it." I take a bite of the delicious sandwich and take extra care to lick my lips a little.

"No Alex! Don't do that!" He shouts.

"Do what?" I ask, faking innocence.

"That thing!" He says and pints to my face.

"This thing?" I ask, and bite my lip softly, and then I lick them again. "Or this thing?" I ask and crash my lips onto his. I give him a quick kiss and pull away.

"No!" He growls and pulls me closer again.

"Eww!!!" Comes the voice of the little rascal. He's been silent the whole time and he has been watching. I groan and turn to Teddy.

"Squirt, I think it's bedtime." I smile at him. I look at my watch. 7:30 pm. He's had his bath already.

"Yeah. Okay. Can Devin tuck me in?" He asks, with his eyes on Devin. I look over to my boyfriend. He smiles and nods softly.

Devin picks up Teddy and takes him upstairs. Once he is gone, I crawl over to the picnic basket and dig inside. He has packed dessert for us and a few other snacky type things. My fingers searched the basket and I came into contact with a velvet box. My heart stopped. The velvet box. I opened it in the picnic basket and found the most breathtaking ring I had ever seen. It was simple. It had three princess cut diamonds with a silver band. It's beautiful. Then, it hits me. Devin is going to propose. I close the box and put it back into the basket where I found it, feeling guilty for ever finding it. I scoot back over to where I was previously sitting, and pretend to be on my phone. I hear Devin coming back down the stairs and he smiles and sits back on the blanket.

"Would you like some champagne milady?" He asks, finding a champagne bottle from the basket of many tricks. I glare at it a little. It's like I can feel the box burning my eyes, even though I can't see it.

"Yes please, Kind Sir." I tease, and he offers me a glass.

"To new beginnings." He smiles, holding his glass up.

"To new beginnings." I smile and chug the champagne down. What will I say? No? But then again we have been together for so long. So Yes? Yes. I think I'll say yes. Oh man. This is hard. Am I ready for this decision? It has been looming over my head for the past few days, and yet, I still have not made up my mind. Would I be happy with Devin? Yes. Absolutely. Would I be happy with Dylan? Yes. Completely. I inwardly groan. What am I going to do? Maybe this is God's way of telling me that I should choose Devin. After all, Dylan has clearly moved on. All I ever was to him was another notch in his belt. 


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