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Being together is great
Growing old together is amazing,
Having a family is better
Taking care of the family is everything.

© Oluwatoyosi

Precious POV.

It's been 2months since we got back from our honeymoon. It has been amazing waking up to my husband and going to bed with him.

"So what are we going to do about the shipment" Daphne my assistant asked me snapping me out of daydreaming about my husband

"Send to everyone that ordered" she nodded

"You have a meeting by 4pm with Candler Inc" I nodded not being able to speak because I felt sick in my stomach. I rushed to the bathroom to throw up. Ugh, I had been throwing up since morning, not to talk of the way I've been feeling sick this past few weeks we came home. Daphne rushed to my side holding up my hair and rubbing my back

"You need to see the doctor Precious. You've been sick the whole week" she said sharply since I've been denying going to the doctor

"It's just flu don't worry" I said waving it off.

"It's not just a flu. I'm going to get Funke" she said and walked out of the office. I had permitted her to call me precious. She was hardworking, strong headed and nice. All I need for an assistant and she's been a friend.

"Stand up, let's go and don't you dare tell me It's nothing. Ife you haven't been able to eat properly without throwing up, and you've been weak, so just stand up and let's go to the hospital or I'll tell Ethan" Funke barged into my office and scolded me.

"Fine" I grumbled. I knew I couldn't win with Funke and I didn't want to disturb Ethan with it.

"Daphne if I'm not back by 3pm reschedule my appointments" I ordered and she nodded

"Take care" I thanked her and left with Funke. My driver opened the door for us, we entered and were off

We got to the hospital in 10minutes, entering we asked to see the doctor. Dr Resnic who I remembered treating me the first time I came here answered us.

"How are you feeling Mrs White" he asked me with a smile

"Well I've been throwing up a lot, I've been so tired that I always fall asleep then I have a little pain in my stomach and I can't seem to get any food down" I answered and he smiled knowingly

"And how has your period been" he asked

"I'm late but it's always changing" I answered nervously.

"Alright please pee in this cup and we can test to see what it is" he passed me a cup and I nodded excusing myself to the restroom. I peed inside the cup, washed my hands and returned the cup to him.

"You can wait. It will be out soon" he said and left the office

"What if you're pregnant" Funke blurted out suddenly making me stiff

"I hadn't thought about it" I answered truthfully. Now that I think about it, Ethan and I never used protection. I remember when we talked about kids, he always said he wanted six.

"How would you feel if you're pregnant" she asked cautiously

"Are you kidding me. I would be happy of course. I've always wanted kids besides Ethan wants a soccer team" I explained with a wide smile. Of course I would love a child.

After 30minutes Dr Resnic came back with a smile on his face and a file.

"What's wrong with me Doc.?" I asked straight to the point

"You urine sample came out positive. Congratulations Mrs White, you're two months pregnant" my hands shot to my stomach feeling it. I had a baby growing inside me. I teared up, I've been having mood swings a lot. I'm going to be a mum

"I knew it" Funke fist bumped into the air before hugging me.

"I'm going to be a mum Funke. How will I do it, can I do it?, Oh my God, will Ethan be happy?, How will I tell him?" My nerves were working up as I fired her the questions

"You are going to be an excellent mum Ife, I believe in you. Ethan will be happy trust me" she said calming me.

"You will need to come with me for an ultrasound" Dr Resnic stated and I nodded standing up my hand still in my tummy as we walked to a room with a machine beside the bed. He indicated for me to lie down on the bed and I did

"This is going to be cold" he applied a very cold gel on my tummy and used a device to move around my stomach. A picture showed on the monitor

"That's your baby. It's still in the shape of a bean but will start to develop soon. Since you're two months gone I presume it will be in your third month before you start to show" he explained but my gaze was only on the monitor. My baby. That's my little bean inside me. Thank you Jesus.

He cleaned the gel and helped me up, printing out the picture of my baby. He prescribed some vitamins for me and told me what I could eat. I thanked him, bought the vitamins  and left with Funke.

"To the mall" I told the driver excitedly. He drove us there and I quickly got out rushing to the kiddies section while dragging Funke who was laughing at my excited face.

I bought a oncie that said 'I love Daddy'. I paid for it and went to the grocery store. Buying ingredients to make our favorite food, I paid and left. I checked the time and it was past 4pm, I decided to go straight home so I could cook.

"Will you come with me?" I asked Funke and she shook her head

"No I have something to do in the office, besides this is something you need to do yourself. I'm happy for you my friend" she hugged me again and we dropped her off at the office before I left for my home

We pulled up at the house. Ethan had surprised me again with this house, he said he wanted us to have a huge family so he built a mansion with 8 rooms one for six of our kids even though I protested. The house was homely, he said his mum designed it along with my mum. It had an enormous kitchen, a gym, a theatre room, a game room, a pool, two large sitting rooms.

I walked inside the house and moved straight to the kitchen to drop the grocery. Removing my heels, since I was wearing a simple yellow top and blue jeans. I then proceeded to start my cooking. I was going to make poundo yam and Efo riro, Fried rice and chicken and a cake. I started in the fried rice first. Once it was in fire, I went ahead to make the Efo riro, frying the chicken. Once all the dishes were on the fire. I went to the pantry to start the cake, I mixed the butter and sugar first then added the egg, flavour, baking powder and cocoa powder, mixing it thoroughly. I placed it inside the oven and went to remove the fried rice, soup and started the poundo yam.


Edited: 20.10.2020

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