Mr Kings

Chapter five

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     It's been An hour and half since nana left. i was dressed in the out fit she picked for me, a pink kneel length gown with white hills but am not the hill kinda person can't remember the last time i wore one, i don't even own i went with  white flats i found in thr wadrobe. a knock on the door interruptes my thought ,that must be nana she said she will be back , 

   '' you can come in nana'' i hear the door open and close signifying someone entered. 

   ''i see you are ready Miss Rivers'' i hear the voice of Mr Kings, i turn around shocked cause i wasn't expecting him to come get me. 

 ''yes sir. we can leave now if you want. '' 

  '' yea sure '' 

Thirty mintes into the drive i decided to ask where we were heading. 

  ''Mr Ki....... 

   '' let's stick with Evans for tonight Natalie '' he says

  ''what????'' time bombs are going off in my head right now. did he just say i should call him by his name? yeah i know Kings is his name but Evans. what's he up to?

 ''get that look off your face it's just for tonight. '' there you go he's back, i was starting to think he hit his head. 

  '' ok if that's what you want. i would love to know where we are heading?''

 ''what? are you scared ?'' he joked. wait did he just use scaracism? what the hell is going on?  did aliens take over the world? did a crazy scienctis time machine go off? some one please explain cause am loosing it already . ''close your mouth Miss Rivers '' oh we are back to been formal. why did no one tell me?

 '' we are almost there,you will see for yourself,i need you to behave and please don't adress me formally.'' 

 ''yes si..''

 ''Evans.''he corrected. 

'' yea i got this. ''

''ok stay in the car would you.'' he said as he opens he's side door to step out of the car. what the hell is wrong with me? how did i not notice we arrived already? since i met this man have been .......

'' Natalie do you mind coming down ?'' 

 ''oh my Goodness am so sorry i didn't notice .''

''it's ok just come down and play along pls. don't mess this up'' did he just say please? ladies and gentlemen pls tell me how many questions have i asked tonight ? oh and please add the last one.

 i came down from his car , he shut the door behind and held my hands. someone please tell me what's going on, cause am freaking out. we walk towards the door of the house sorry mansion , calling it a house is kind of an insult. he ringed the bell and we waited , not too long the door is answered by a middle age woman who immediately raps her small hands around Evans. what? he said not to adress him formally while we are here.

 '' honey , you came. my baby i miss you so much .  we have a lot of bonding to do'' i stood there ukwardly staring at both mother and son as there interract forgetting am there. 

 ''and who do we have here?'' i hear the voice of a man , i turn around to met the exact copy or  Evan's copy.

''Natalie Rivers'' 

''Kings Elliot jr'' we exchange pleasantries. '' son you didn't introduce us to your friend here'' he says cutting short the mother and son interraction.

 '' oh sorry it sliped my mind. Mom , Dad this is Natelie , Natelie my parents.''he introduces 

 ''hello Mrs Kings and hello again Mr kings. ''

 '' hello dear'' she  replies. ''let's head inside dinner will be ready in 5. we all walked into the living room and did i say this house is huge. oh i didn't must have sliped my mind. 



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