Must Date the playboy

Chapter Twenty One

"Anna..what's wrong?. Lucy asked when she got over the shock as well. She wondered why Anna was staring at Andrei as if she wanted to murder him.

"Anna... Andrei lifted his hand to touch her.

"Don't touch me!. Anna lifted a hand in warning. Stay away from me." She packed up her stuff and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Andrei and Lucy exchanged puzzled glances before Andrei rose and went after her.

"Anna!." He called when he saw her going in the direction of the library. Wait!."

Anna didn't wait and walked faster instead until she broke into a run but Andrei caught up with her and spun her around.

"Let go of me!I hate you!". Anna cried and struggled to free herself.

"Anna wait!. Andrei snapped and held her wrists together. What the fuck happened?!".

"Let go." Anna ordered.

"Not until you tell me what the hell all this is about. Andrei growled. I can also be very stubborn Miss Lowan."

Anna stopped struggling for a minute making Andrei relax then unexpectedly she lifted her leg and kneed him in the groin..hard,making him keel over on his knees in pain then she used that opportunity to run without looking back.

"Oh my gosh!. Lucy gasped and rushed over to meet Andrei who was groaning in pain. Are you okay Andrei?".

"Fuck!". Andrei hissed angrily.

"Can you walk?I'll take you to the infirmary." Lucy tried to pull him up but couldn't because he wasn't even trying to get up himself.

They suddenly heard someone laughing and looked up. It was Damien.

"Wow!I hope she's rendered you impotent cousin. Damien mocked. That was a good one!." He whooped.

"You're a shameless person Damien. Lucy blurted out angrily. Can't you see he's in pain?come help me you dimwit!".

"Hey!..." Damien started to say.

"Come here!. Lucy cut him off harshly and glared at him daring him to say anything else.

Damien grumbled, stalked downstairs and walked over to where Andrei was and together they took him to the infirmary.

"What is wrong with the prince?". Nurse Helena asked as Lucy and Damien helped him to the bed. He was still in pain and he kept cursing.

"Um..Anna hit him where the sun doesn't shine. Lucy muttered looking sheepish.

Helena's eyes widened. "That must have hurt. She said. We need ice." She quickly left to get ice and returned with a ice pack and a towel.

"I'll go. Lucy said. Will he be fine?".

"Yes of course." Helena smiled.

"Okay. Lucy nodded and looked at Damien. Um..I'm sorry for earlier."

"It's okay..I was an ass. Damien waved it away. Am sorry too."

Lucy smiled and left. She couldn't exactly say what had gotten into Anna this time for her to act so brashly but she had to look for her and demand an explanation.

Lucy found Anna in the old chemistry lab and walked in closing the door behind her.

"You shouldn't have closed the door. Anna said. You've locked us in."

"We'll call for help. Lucy said airily and walked over to where she sat by the window. What happened back there Anna?".

"I don't want to talk about it." Anna muttered.

"No. You can't just flare up like that and expect me not to ask questions. Lucy said. You might have hurt Andrei really bad."

Anna scoffed. "Good."

Lucy turned Anna's face to hers. "You don't mean that." She shook her head.

"Let it be Lucy!please!".

"No!. Lucy disagreed. Someone said something to you and it has to do with Andrei so spill it!."

"He was the one that drugged me okay!. Anna yelled and tears flowed down her cheeks. He..drugged me and..almost slept with me because I refused to date him."

Lucy shook her head in disbelief. "Andrei would never do that." 

"That was what I thought until I saw a video saying otherwise." Anna sneered.

"Who told you this?".

"Does it matter?".

"Yes it does Anna,of course it does!. Lucy said. Andrei would never hurt you like that. I thought you knew him."

"He did okay so drop it!. Anna snapped. I know what I didn't."

"I think it'll be better if you talk to Andrei about this. I'm sure he was framed."

"Why are you defending him?. Anna bit out. You believe him instead of me?".

"Of course not!you're my best friend and so is Andr.."

"From now on..he's not. Anna cut her off. We won't ever talk to him again."

"No. I won't ever stop talking to him because I know he's done nothing wrong. Lucy shook her head. Whoever told you this is trying to separate the two of you."

"What's there to separate?. Anna questioned. Oh now I see!you're secretly hoping that Andrei and I will start dating aren't you?".

"Is there anything wrong with that?." Lucy lifted her in defiance. The two of you look good together."

"Stop reading all those fairytale books because they're all lies." Anna told her. It doesn't happen in reality."

"You're being mean for no reason." Lucy accused.

Anna said nothing,picked up her backpack and walked to the door.

"We're locked in. Lucy told her.

"All thanks to you". Anna spat.

"Stop acting childish Anna!. Lucy was angry now. Whatever this is can be solved amicably."

Anna said nothing and faced the door. She took a deep breath before she started banging on the door. 

"Help!". She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Thirty minutes later the door was opened from the outside. It was Damien who saved them.

"Andrei's been taken home Lucy. He told her. His mom came to get him."

Lucy gasped. "Is it that serious?".

Damien shrugged. "He had to pee and I heard him groaning in pain. When I went into the bathroom to see him..he had blood in his urine."

"Oh my God!. Lucy covered her mouth. That means he's going to the hospital?".

"Yes. It would seem so. He nodded then looked at Anna who was frozen and looked pale. Anna,the queen would like to see you after school."

"Was she mad?". Lucy inquired fearfully.


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