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Chapter Forty Six

There was chaos everywhere when the royal family realized that Andrei had escaped. The palace grounds was searched,every known place he could go to but there was no sign of Andrei. 

Bus stations and train stations weren't left out in the search but the people in charge claimed that the prince didn't travel by bus or by train which meant that he left in a car.

Mitchell was so livid and so was king Elroy whose daughter practically fainted when she heard the news and she was yet to wake up.

Elroy promised to unleash hell if Andrei was not found before that day ended and Mitchell was able to calm him down assuring him that his son would be found.

"Jean Anna should know where he is.". Bianca told her husband.

Just as Mitch summoned guards to go and get Anna, Justin and his wife came to the palace also looking for their daughter as well.

"What is going on here?. Justin asked when he saw the commotion. I can't find my daughter."

"What? Anna's gone too?." Bianca looked shocked.

"We found a letter on her desk telling us goodbye and that she couldn't live without Andrei so she had to go with him." Justin explained looking distraught.

"Did she mention anything about a place?". Mitch asked.

"No." Justin shook his head sadly.

"Jared!where's Jared?!". Mitch bellowed.

"Jared is also not here your highness. A guard informed him. We went to his house but we didn't find anyone."


"Jared is an orphan and an only child your highness." The guard reminded him.

"Who else do you think would know of his plans?". Damien's father asked.

"Where is your son?". Mitch spat.

"I'm here uncle. Damien walked into the living room with Serafina. What's going on?". He pretended not to know.

"You must know of Andrei's plan to escape right?. Mitch demanded. Where's he?".

Damien's eyes widened. "Andrei has escaped?how come?".

"Don't play dumb with me boy. Mitch said brusquely. You were the only one apart from his mother and I that went into his room. He must have told you."

"I swear he didn't say a word to me uncle." Damien shook his head.

"You threw a party for him yesterday and you were with him,he must have escaped then." Bianca said.

"Yes I did throw a party for him and I was there but I left around 10:30pm. Damien said. Sera called me to come over to her place."

"This is true Sera?". Mitch looked at her.

"Yes your highness. Sera nodded. I was feeling very restless so I called Damien to come keep me company. He has been with me since then."

"The other boys you invited..they must know something right? Mitch inquired. I want to see all of them."

"Sure." Damien nodded.

Two hours later only about twenty out of thirty people showed up at the palace but Scott was not among them then ten out of that twenty weren't even invited to the party.

The boys five out of which were college guys and the remaining from IHHS confessed that they knew nothing about Andrei's disappearance and even swore on the crown that they were all telling the truth and they were all released.

Mitch asked Justin to check for early morning flights or night and he found two. One going to Hawaii and the other to Italy. 

"The flight to Italy was a night flight and the other one left around six this morning." Justin informed Mitch.

"What about local flights?".

"Just one. Abuja." Justin responded. It left by 8 this morning."

"I know my son. He'll never stay within my reach. Mitch mused. He's either on the plane to Italy or Hawaii. We'll have to go find out."

They went to the airport but were told that Andrei Sebastiani and Jean Anna Lowan never boarded any plane going to either of those two countries which confused everyone more so they returned home.

Andrei had of course lied to Damien about going to Cuba,not that he didn't trust Damien but he'd rather be safe than sorry so they'd travelled to Spain instead.

The people that came for the wedding went home without attending one and of course it was the talk of the town for weeks as it made news headlines.

"I had a feeling she was up to something. Justin muttered as he and Anne settled down in the living room watching the news about Andrei's disappearance.

"What are you talking about?". Anne frowned.

"She was so sure that Andrei wouldn't get married. Justin continued. I asked her if she knew anything but she didn't tell me."

Anne sighed. "I hope they're fine. I miss her already."

"Me too. Justin said. They'll be fine and they'll come home at their own time."

"Yes. Anne agreed. We waited six years before we had her..we can wait some more."

Justin kissed his wife's hair. "We'll wait."


Anna looked at the setting sun as she sat on the beach waiting for Andrei to come join her. She missed her parents and Lucy and Scott so much already but it'd be for sometime.

They'd go home again.

"Hey. Andrei joined her on the sand. Our room is ready."

"Okay. Anna nodded and leaned her head on his his shoulder.

"Are you happy sweetheart?. He asked her. You don't regret leaving, do you?".

"No I don't regret it. It's like I'm dreaming." Anna smiled.

"Then I'm having the same dream." He grinned.

Anna looked up at him. "I love you Andrei."

"I love you too. Andrei said. Can I kiss you?".

Anna scoffed. "Like you ever ask for permission but you'll have to catch me first." She giggled then stood up and ran.

Andrei laughed and ran after her very happy and finally free.



The end!!!!.


Just kidding!there are still some chapters to go!.

Who's happy that they are finally together away from the big bad wolf Mitchell?I know I am!.


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