My Mister Billionaire, is it you?

Chapter 3: He is the new guy


If there will be a chance for me to meet that Jonah again. I wish he wouldn't recognize me.

I might not hold myself and just burst into laughter. Muscle Crumbs? Lie. I know he tripped.

Move on, Jeral. That’s two days ago and so far, you and that Jonah haven’t crossed paths yet. I wish the fuss about Jonah and his girl superhero would vanish anytime soon. I mean, I don’t want to be popular.

"Yo, watch where you step." Really? Is this supposed to be like this?

One day, my life was ordinary and now everyone's life is adventure. My life seems more normal than anybody. Thanks.

A girl tripped by her own and this man suddenly showed up to catch her. Wow, what a wonderful scenery in front of me. They're really gonna remain with that awkward position? Hold up, you guys aren't in a movie or what.

"I-I'm sorry." Oh, yeah. The girl's freaking nervous. She even tried to stand on her own, but the guy's face is so near to hers. She can't move.

"Ah, you're gonna stand? Sure. Careful." The guy also helped the girl to stand, he even made sure that she wouldn't fall for the second time. He's a player. And, he looks so familiar.

"What a drama." I said to myself and started walking again. I'm running out of time. I think I'm gonna be late, because of some annoyance that's trying to shoot a Scene. Blocking my way as always.


Luckily, I'm a minute earlier with our Prof. It's my last year in this University, I'm so proud of myself.

After graduation, I'm gonna start a new life. I sure will find Mr.Billionaire's love in future.

Nobody knows about us. That's what I know. Also, I know that he loved me so much. I just don't know why he let me go. He told me that I'm welcome to come back, but I don't know where to find him. I don't even know his name, address or any information about him. It's been just recently when I've realized that I don't really know him. I started questioning his love, but there's a part of me, fighting and saying that his love was genuine and pure. There's a part of me, saying that he loved me. 


"Miss, d'you have an extra pen?" Someone tapped my shoulder and when I looked at him. It was the guy from earlier. The one acting like a Prince in front of the crowd. "Extra pen?" He asked like a gentleman, hoping for an extra pen.

We don’t even know each other and here he is. Acting like we’re close and nice and all the good things on Earth might happen between us.

I slowly handed him my Pen, the cheap one. Of course I’m not going to lend him my Wonderful gorgeous looking Pen. It is made for me, only me.

“Thank you, I will surely return this to you after class.” Smiling face of the gentleman.

 Just now when I realized that he has a deep voice. He also looks like an Angel. Good for him, it can make every girl fall for his goody-trap.

I don’t want to praise his insane look. I want to know if he is new here. His face doesn't seem very familiar to me in this University. 


“Hey, wanna grab a coffee with me? ” I didn’t notice Cris coming this way. Am I spacing out more lately?


This is so awkward. He’s been wooing me for quite a long time. It’s been a year and half. I thought he'd stop liking me if I distanced myself to him, but I think he did not know the fact that I’ve been avoiding him. “Coffee? No, thank you. I’m fine with my crackers.” I hope he bites.

“Come on, Jeral. If not coffee, let’s get some juice boxes for the two of us?” And then he grabbed my hands and easily pulled me out of that classroom. Yeah, this is what I hate about boys. They don’t listen or maybe they listen, but ignore what I say. “Today is a good day. You think so?” Cris tilted his head and faced mine. He’s displaying again this playing smile. Gosh, he knew that I feel so awkward around him and he’s enjoying that. 

“What a wonderful day. Hope it’ll never end.” And then laugh while clapping my hands. 

How many times do I have to reject you, Cris? Aren’t you hurt? How can you still smile that playful and bright to me? I am sad for you.

 I don’t pity you.

I envy you.

You’re a brave heart.

Cris’ still pulling me in the hand. We’re heading to Cafeteria. Jeral, just let him. You don’t wanna ruin his day, do you. Yes, Master.

Shockingly, I stopped walking as a strong force pulled me away to Chris. I even fell to the floor after that pulling act. I fell to the floor on top of someone.

Cris lost his grip on my arms and now, I’m the cherry at the top of a cake. The face of the Angelic Prince with a goody-act and deep voice’s face is what I am facing right now.

And he’s staring at me with a warm smile on his face.

Is this his plan? 

I immediately helped myself  to stand up. Some girls are whispering and a lot of boys who witnessed that embarrassing moment were smiling. 

“What--d’you want, you little. What?” With a warning tone, I successfully said those words.

You better give me a good reason for this.

Still, that’s embarrassing. I also heard Cris saying “Relax.” words and “Chill.” and “Let it slide.”

Aghh! Then, let it slide!!

“Continue walking, Cris. That kid might mistaken me for someone.” 

“No. I knew it was you, Jeral.” 

I stopped and I looked at him. This guy’s really something.


“I’m here to give your Pen back.” After he mentioned that. I made this ahh-reaction on my face. How could I forget, my bad.

I took my Pen and when it was time to go. He pulled me back again and dragged me near outside the library. We opposed the way to Cafeteria. I saw Cris trying to run after us, but I guess this kid lost him.

“Yo, can’t you remember me?” I crossed my arms as I watched this kid pointing his face with his finger over and over. I think he’s trying to say ‘Hey, you must remember this face for ‘yah sake.’

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