My Pervert Boss


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The moment they arrived at the company, Gracie had no time to meet her co-workers as she headed with her Boss to the meeting room she was given the topic of discussion for the supposed meeting but she barely have enough time to review them before entering the meeting room she walk behind him and waited for him to sit just like the others in the room before taking her seat next to him. He had the same expressionless look he had earlier back in his house while listening to the reports of the day.
Gracie sat and listen not sure she understands everything been said she made sure her attention was on the screen in front of her trying as much as possible to get all what was being said, it was a long meeting as almost everyone in the room has something to say she watch him nod and give response when necessary after the meeting was over he got up to leave and Gracie quickly follow suit she try keeping up with his pace as they walk out of the room and head to his office 
“Get me a cup of coffee” he instructed 
Without wasting a minute she rush back out to get a cup of coffee for him, getting to the small room where the caffeine were kept she realize she doesn’t know what kind of coffee he would like she had rush out without even bothering to ask him whether he want more sugar or less sugar she stood there confused placing the cup she was holding on the table 
“Hi, did you need some help?” 
Gracie turned to the person she didn’t notice was in the room with her, she gaze at him not sure who he is, she move a bit closer 
“Am not sure about that” she replied
“Am Rufus by the way” he introduced with a smile
“Gracie” she said and he nodded his head 
“You are new here right? Haven’t seen your pretty face before” he said and she pat her mouth in a smile 
“I just started work here, am the new secretary” she introduced, they both shook hands in greeting
“Do you have a problem making coffee for the Boss, I can help” he offered, she nodded her head and he took the cup from her in a minute he was done making the coffee he handed over the cup to her and she told him thanks before exiting in a rush she got to the office and drop the cup on the table in front of him careful not to spill it 
“Here is your coffee sir” she said 
He took the coffee from the table and stare at it “did you make this yourself?” he asked 
For a moment Gracie wasn’t sure if she should answer a yes or no she don’t know which one will make him less upset since he look dissatisfied with the coffee even without tasting it
“I wasn’t sure what kind of coffee you would like so I met….”
“Go make another one” he ordered cutting her words short “I want a coffee made by you, just make it to your taste” he said and handed over the cup to her, she quickly go out to do as he said, getting back to the room she saw Rufus still there drinking his coffee
“what’s wrong? Didn’t he like it am sure I made it to his taste” he asked the moment he saw her back with the cup filled with coffee
“Somehow he knew I didn’t make it myself and ask me to go make another one in my own way” she explained with a sigh 
“but how do you know the kind of coffee he drinks?” Gracie asked rinsing the cup and placing it back to where she pick it from 
“Well, everybody working on his team knows the kind of coffee he takes since that’s all he drinks all day when he works” Rufus explained and took a sip from his cup of coffee
“he doesn’t eat lunch either?” she asked to be sure
“so far I’ve been working here I’ve never seen him go out to eat lunch neither does he order food to eat as you might have known our Boss is a workaholic”
Gracie finish preparing the coffee and excuse herself from the room she got to the office and place the cup of coffee in front of him again
Robin put the paper he was reading aside and took the cup of coffee from the table he stare at it for seconds while Gracie eyes followed his movement she look a bit nervous wondering if the coffe will be to his taste or not, he stare at it again for more than a minute and stretch out the cup of coffee to her 
“Take a sip” he required, not sure why Gracie took the cup from him and took a sip from it she looked satisfied with the taste she handed it over back to him and notice he was staring at her take the coffee she handed over the cup back to him 
“are you sure you made this?’ he asked taking it from her, he look closely at the cup edge looking for something Gracie has no idea of 
“Is something wrong again?” she asked 
“no, just wanted to be sure it’s the same place your lips touched” he answered and place the cup to his mouth taking a long sip his face was wrinkled his face for a second and it change back to normal he drop the coffee and swivel the chair around turning his back to her.
“It will soon be lunch time, should I make a reservation for you in a restaurant?” she asked 
“Am sure the guy you met in the caffeine room told you I don’t eat lunch” he answered his back still turn to her 
She almost asked him how he knew about Rufus telling her that but she held herself from asking any questions, she walk out back to her small office just outside of his and sat down to do the tasks on her desk but just as she pick up a file to work on it her mind went back to what he said earlier 
“why would he want to drink from the same place I drink from?” she wondered to herself, she wasn’t sure if he’s the weird one or she’s the one thinking so much of the statement, but that put aside he also know about what happened in the small room about meeting Rufus and also what he said to her “is he stalking me by any chance?” she asked herself not understanding how he did that and why he was watching her in the first place, she sigh and try to get herself focus on the work in front of her.
Not quite long after she start working, the phone on the table rings startling her she clear her throat before picking up 
“Hello this is the desk of….”
“Come to my office with the report of this morning meeting” he said and cut the call almost immediately 
Gracie drop the phone and stayed confused pondering what report he was talking about, she stood up from her seat and went into his office holding nothing, she knock on the door quietly  and open it when he asked her to come in 
“I already told you to come into the office there’s no need to knock” he said as she entered, he look at her and furrowed his brows “where is the report I asked for?” he asked his voice not as calm as before
“Hem… am sorry sir but I don’t have any report on the morning meeting, can you tell me where to get it from?” she asked nervously 
“Didn’t you take record or notes during the meeting earlier?” he asked and Gracie shook her head to answer no, he stood up from his seat and walk towards her he had his hands in his pocket as he walk forward he stop at a short distance from her, he bent his face down to hers moving it a bit more closer 
“Do you know what the job of a secretary is?” he asked and Gracie stare at him not comfortable with how close his face is to her face
Seeing the anxiety look on her face he put on a smugly face and move closer his nose almost brushing with hers, Gracie close her eyes slightly he let out a chuckle hearing him laugh she open her eyes and look a bit embarrassed she has close her eyes because she thought he had wanted to kiss her and she really look like she wanted that kiss but it turns out he was just toying with her she suddenly feel upset by this and push him away from her that instance she push him hard  he fall back a bit losing his balance he pull forward to hold her for support not getting a completely grip of himself he push her back as he lean on her, caught unprepared Gracie move backward to gain an hold in a panic she grip the table while he fall on her resting his body on her with his hand on the table for support, that instance their lips brush against each other and Gracie widened her eyes in shock at the contact of their lips Robin stare at her also shock at what just happened they both remained in a daze for few seconds
Robin regaining himself suddenly let out a smile and let his eyes go down to her lips he had a smirk on his face now as he stare at them
“Your lips” he begin and slip his hand through them making her stomach jump “they tasted almost like I imagined but it seems much more better than my imagination, it’s really juicy” he said and keep running his hand on them Gracie stood there not knowing what to do she look flustered and her face was feeling so hot under his stares 
“Don’t you think you should move away?” she asked not having the strength to push him feeling weak under his gaze
“I don’t want to” he replied and his eyes move up to her face he stare straight into her eyes observing them
“Don’t ever let your face come this closer to me again” he suddenly said and brush his hands through her hair careful not to mess it up
“If your face come this close again I can’t guarantee it’s safety” he stated and pull away from her he walk back to his seat 
“Find a way to get the report and bring it to me” he said dismissively 
Gracie walk out of the office without any further talk, once outside the door she held her chest that has been breathing hard and rapidly she fall back on her desk, she touch her lips feeling the taste of his lips on it she smile to herself without realizing, noticing this she quickly stop herself from smiling any further this Boss of hers is up to no good and she wouldn’t allow herself get caught in his trap she thought determined.
Back in Robin’s office he spin the chair around as he sat down looking excited as he hum a tone to himself he smile occasionally as he thought of the little kiss they share and how good it would have been if they really kissed, he turn back to the computer on his desk and stare admiring at the screen he watch her trying to concentrate on her work while she constantly touch her lips he smile to himself.
Two ladies knock on the door and Lora look up to see who they are, they walk to her and greeted introducing their selves
“Hi am Phoebe”
“And am Bella” they said and Lora stood up nodding her head “am Gracie” she response
“Actually we are all on the same team, we just want to ask if you would like to meet with the rest of the team and have lunch together” the one named Phoebe said and point to a group of four people standing outside the door Rufus was one of them he wave at her seeing she was looking to his direction she also wave back with a smile 
“You know Rufus?” Bella asked 
“Yes we met earlier while making coffee” she explained 
“Oh that’s good then you just need to meet the rest of the team then” she said and hold her hands dragging her outside to meet them 
“Guys meet Gracie the new secretary and Gracie meet Carlos, Ethan, Linda and you already met Rufus the head of the team” Bella introduced cheerfully while Gracie shook hands with everyone including Rufus and the two shared a knowingly smile 
“How is working with the boss?” Phoebe asked anxiously 
“Well it’s good” 
“Did he let you come closer to him? Do you get to see his face up close? Is he so sweet that you lose your breathe in front of him?” she asked dreamily 
“What?” she asked confused 
“The Boss is so handsome, don’t you agree” she continued, Gracie smile awkwardly at her and the rest laughed 
“She has a huge crush on the Boss, everyone knows that so if she ask you questions about the Boss just ignore her” Bella advice
“You also have a crush on him stop pretending you don’t” 
“I don’t have a crush on him and am not pretending okay”
“Come on ladies we should go for lunch now before the lunch time is over” Ethan said for the first time since their little chat 
“Ok then let’s all go and later we should go to have dinner together to welcome Gracie to the team” Rufus said and they all nodded with that they all walk out to have lunch.
Gracie came back after lunch all smiley she really had a great time with the others it was really fun eating out with them she never thought work will be so much fun, she decide to go to the bathroom before going back to her office she got to the office and saw the rest staring into her small office watching it keenly she got to them and tap Bella who jilted out making a sound, hearing her loud scream they all rush back to their seat pretending to be doing something else she got confused for their weird attitude but soon understand the reason for their action when she saw her Boss sitting down on her seat with an expressionless look just like always she breathed in and out before walking towards him
“Sir, do you need anything?” 
“Come to my office now” he stood up and entered into his office without any delay she followed suit she entered the office and close the door as quiet as she could she walk to his desk standing in front of it with her head down
“Seeing your face now am sure you know what offence you committed” he begin his hands on the table
“Am sorry I totally forget the time while having lunch and didn’t come back on time when you needed me” she apologized but Robin shook his head in disagreement
“Isn’t that it?” she asked “why then were you waiting for me?”
“As my secretary it’s necessary to inform me you were going for lunch and wouldn’t be around for that period” 
“Well I thought since its lunch time I don’t need to ask before going out to…”
“You need to ask me for permission for everything you do dear secretary and when I say everything I mean everything” he retorted 
“Everything? Isn’t that too much?” she asked and Robin furrowed his face “I mean if you say everything what if I want to go to the restroom?” she asked and regret asking him such question
“Going to the restroom? He asked standing up a smirk appeared on his face he let his eyes skim through her whole body like he's checking her body out 
“Hum you will need permission for that too I need to know when you go to the bathroom” he said bluntly and Gracie stared at him in disbelief.
“if you are done staring you can go back to your office and make me a reservation for dinner for three, I already left the list of meals for you to prepare and the kind of place to choose on your table” he said and sat down, Gracie stood looking at him for a while before finally saying yes and left the office.


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