i'm just Kidding

Help! I can’t recognize me in front of the mirror, have you ever felt the same?

Yes, I have, I have died and reborn in front of a mirror

Because the reflect doesn’t tell me anything

Cause I’m more?

Yeah I’m more, I’m more than a nose, I’m more than a mouth

Cause Eyes tell me nothing

Its more there?

It’s something quite important?

What is it?

This life isn’t enough; I refuse myself to believe that this is all, this mediocre happiness, this mediocre laugh this mediocre satisfaction can’t be all

It is not, it is not at all

So I’m preparing, oh yes I’m preparing myself for something bigger

Like what?

Like eternity.

Seriously, I’m scare

Who is front of me?

A clown? Am I a clown?

A human being am I just a poor human being?

What the fuck it’s a human being?

What am I?

An animal? Oh yes darling I’m an animal

No one told me The life it’s only first step

For what?

For eternity, darling I’m going to show you the eternity


Oh babe you know how Because you don’t want to be just a doll

oh no! you want to be reminded, legends have to die to be remembered

Yes, baby don’t run

I’m not me anymore Are you still being you?

Did you ask for freedom? Yeah you did

The only freedom is death

Do you want to die? Oh you don’t

You can’t have everything dear

The gun is ready, people have been told but no one listened

Do you want to die? Oh! You don’t

So start to run cause I’m going to kill you

Yeah clown I’m going to kill you

Why? Cause I can and I want to

Die clown

You are done

R. Diamond40

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Edited: 14.09.2019

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