On The Ledge



When Sheridan assigned Harrison and Damien to pick teammates for a match of football it was pretty clear Bradley's popularity among the boys was on shaky ground. As if on purpose he was picked last into Harrison's team. Sam joined Damien's.

As the match progressed Sam noticed no one on Harrison's team would pass the ball to Brad even when he was in a good position to shoot. But once he got the ball, Brad sprinted towards the box. Damien charged at him, slide tackling him to the ground. Brad winced in pain, clutching his right ankle in agony. Damien got up and as he walked over Brad to recover the ball he stepped on Brad's foot. Brad suddenly got up and punched him. Damien hit him back and the fight between the two began.

Sheridan ran up to them and tried to separate them.
" You bastard!" Brad yelled at Damien.
" What's wrong with you guys?" Sheridan asked.

" At least I'm not a queer!" Damien shouted back.

" Hey! Stop it!" Sheridan yelled. " It ain't a box ring here, all right?" He looked from Brad to Damien.
" And you both get detention." he said once the boys calmed down.

" What?!" Damien protested. " But I already got one last week!"

" Well, you should have thought of that before getting into a fight."

" Imma deal with you later, Abbott Faggot!" Damien glared at Brad.

" Bring it!" Brad who was visibly upset challenged him.

As the teams returned to their positions, Sam noticed blood was trickling from Brad's nose.

" You're bleeding." Sam gestured to his nose. Brad waved him off.

" Leave me alone."



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