On The Ledge

In Distress


As hard as it was to acknowledge it, Sam did in fact care a lot about whether he'd be exposed. So much so, that he couldn't even get a proper sleep last night. He woke up in a groggy mood. As he walked to school he kept looking behind him to see if anyone was following. But no one was there. Maybe Taylor's threat was just empty words. And who was Taylor anyway? The name itself was unisex so it could be anyone. But was it a total stranger or someone close to him? At the moment he suspected Jason. He's the only person Sam deemed capable of doing such a thing. So when he arrived to school, he confronted Jason at the lockers.

" Whatever nasty scheme you're trying to pull on me, you better stop right now or I'll tell the headmaster!" Sam warned. Jason who was filling his backpack with books stopped and accorded Sam a deadly stare.
" What the hell are you on about?" he frowned.
" I'm not afraid of you. You don't own me!" Sam stood his ground.
Jason chuckled. " Did you smoke something good today? I don't know what you're talking about."
" You're not Taylor?" Sam frowned at him.
" No..." Jason stared at him like he was insane." My name's Jason, dumbass."
" So, you didn't text me yesterday?"
" Why the hell would I text you of all people? If your stupid brain hasn't figured it out yet, I don't exactly like you." he answered scornfully. Sam retreated, feeling embarrassed.

" Sam?" Sophia approached him. "Are you okay? You look pale."
" Yeah, I'm fine." he brushed her off.
" What were you guys talking about?" she nodded toward Jason who had left. Sam opened his locker, avoiding eye contact with Sophia.
" Nothing much. Boy stuff."
" So... tonight my parents will be away..." Sophia started saying while she played with Sam's collar. She gave him a meaningful look but he ignored her and continued filling his backpack.
" And Taron will be out hanging out with his friend again.."
Sam didn't respond. Sophia continued.
" So, I was wondering if we could try again tonight?"
Sam slammed his locker shut.
" All you think about is sex, sex, sex!" he shouted. " At least have some dignity. I don't wanna have sex with you. Got it?!"
Sophia was completely caught off guard by the sudden outburst.

" Can you say it louder, please, I don't think the whole school heard you."
" Have some respect for yourself! I know this might sound unbelievable to you but some people actually have more meaningful problems than wondering when they're gonna get laid." he retorted and walked away from her. She watched him go with her mouth slightly agape. But Sam didn't care if he hurt her feelings. A part of him was slightly annoyed by her.

He walked into the classroom in a really bad mood. And the weirdest part of it was that he didn't really know why he got so mad at Sophia. Yes, she did annoy him at times but he had never gotten so angry at her before. And over what? Sex? He knew half of his male classmates would be happy to spend a night with his girlfriend.

He walked past Brad who called him. But Sam decided to ignore him.
" Sam!"
Sam kept walking and didn't even look back.
" I need to talk to you about something." Brad followed him.
" Text me later, I don't wanna be seen with you." Sam said through gritted teeth.
" But Sam..." Brad continued. Lucas shoved him.
" Hey! Didn't you get the memo? Leave Sam alone!" Lucas detained him. Sam sat behind his desk without a single glance in Brad's direction. Lucas walked over to him.

" Hey, man." Lucas sat next to him.
" Hi."
" Why does Brad want to talk to you?" Lucas asked.
" I don't know, maybe because we have a History assignment..." Sam figured.
" Oh, of course! I totally forgot. Be careful though."
" Why?"
" He might try something gay towards you." Lucas laughed.
" Oh, shut up!" Sam chuckled. " Hey, didn't you have that talk with Linton yesterday? You didn't tell me how it went."
" Eh, that woman is mental, dude. She kept saying how it's so important to be tolerant and to learn to live with people who aren't like us and blah blah blah.."
" I guess you didn't learn anything from her speech then.." Sam joked.
" I almost fell asleep halfway through. She must be from the 19th century."
" No, she's not." Sam disagreed.
" Huh?"
" Because if she was, you wouldn't be having that talk in her office."



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