On The Ledge

Waiting for Love


The bell rang and Sam descended the stairs to open the door.

" I brought beer!" Brad said with a wide grin on his face.

" That's the password to my house." Sam let him in. Brad laughed. 

" So, are they out?" Brad asked.

Sam nodded. " As far away as possible. They're at a conference, won't be coming home for a long time."

" Haley?" he asked, sitting behind the kitchen counter.

" Out with Taron. And I put Tom to bed." Sam confirmed, serving the beer.

After spending some time in the kitchen talking and making jokes about whether Haley might be dating Taron, they went to the living room and watched TV. A football match was on and Brad couldn't stop criticizing a team he disliked.

" This guy just pisses me off. Look at the way he fouls, he's an animal. Doesn't belong on the pitch."

Sam couldn't care less about the match but he found the way Brad was so immersed into the game kind of cute. He layed on the sofa, leaning his head on Brad's thighs.

" Does your dad know we're hanging out?" he asked. Brad nodded.

" And how did he take it?" Sam asked.

" Much better than I thought he would." Brad said. Sam sighed.

" I wish I had a dad like him."

" Not all parents are the same. They'll come around." Brad grew serious. Sam could tell Brad felt uncomfortable talking about his parents so he changed the topic.

" How are you liking your new football team?"

" Harrison's alright. But Lewis is a nightmare. He keeps ignoring me on trainings. I don't know how we'll do against other teams if he continues acting like this."

" If it's any help, I can try speaking to him?" Sam offered.

" Do you think he'll listen to you?" Brad asked, astonished.

Sam shrugged. " I'm the school's best boxer, I have a reputation with these guys."

" So?" Brad didn't seem to get it.

" Believe me, he'll listen to me." Sam said decisively. Brad laughed.

" Wow, look who's trying to play the tough guy here!" he said sarcastically.

They watched the game in silence for a while.

" Are you serious with boxing?" Brad asked.

" Yeah."

" So, I might be looking at the future Mike Tyson here?" Brad asked, his eyes gleaming with pride.

Sam shrugged. " Maybe. Who knows?"

Brad scoffed.

" What?" Sam got defensive.

" Nothing. I like your confidence."

" Oh, so what about you? Are you gonna be the next Messi?" Sam asked sarcastically.

Brad shrugged contemplating for a moment. " Nah.. I don't think I'll ever be as great as him. But I'm gonna be my own person." he said, taking a sip of beer.

" Did you know that boxers have a higher chance of having dementia after the end of their careers?" Brad asked.

Sam nodded. " Heard about it but l like it too much to quit on it. I like the adrenaline I get from it. It sort of fuels me. But footballers are also prone to it."

Brad yawned. " I think I'm getting sleepy. Should head home."

" You should sleep over." Sam suggested, getting up.

Brad frowned. " But what about your parents? Aren't they coming home soon?"

" They'll be so tired they won't even check my room. Come." Sam beckoned to his room." Let's go upstairs."

Once in bed, Brad asked: " Are you doing this to piss off your parents?"

Sam smirked mischievously. " I do get a thrill just from knowing they wouldn't approve of this."

Brad didn't say anything. Sam put his arms around him and he could feel Brad stroke his hair. His heart skipped a beat and his lips instinctively curled into a smile. He caressed his cheek and his lips which parted slightly. Brad leaned in and the kiss that followed was amazing.



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