On The Ledge

The Visit


As soon as he opened his eyes he noticed this wasn't his room. Confused, he sat up, glancing around. The door on his left clicked open and Sam could feel his heartbeat quicken with anxiety. But as soon as he saw who it was he let out a sigh of relief.

" Hey!" Samantha came in with a tray, sitting on the edge of the bed. She had a worried look on her face and Sam was never so confused in his entire life.

" How are you?" Samantha asked softly, laying the tray on his thighs.

" Where am I?" Sam looked around.

" This is my roommate's room. But you're lucky he went to an exchange otherwise you'd have to sleep on the sofa." she said. He stared at her in confusion.

" Do you know what happened?" she asked.

Sam shook his head vigorously.

" You were at a party..." she started saying. He nodded, remembering that part. " You got drunk and you wanted me to come get you. You said you didn't want to go home like this."

Sam unglued his eyes from her, focusing on the distant wardrobe in front of him. He remembered getting drunk but from then on his memory was blank.

" Thanks for picking me up." he managed a smile. Samantha studied him, perplexed.

" Is something going on in your life, Sam?"

Sam exhaled. " Everything is okay." he reassured her. But she seemed dubious.

" Are you sure? I've never seen someone so drunk before..."

" I'm fine." he nodded. She rose to her feet.

" Well, if you want me to get you something, I'll be in the living room." she started toward the door but then turned as she remembered something. " Oh, and I called Brad. He wants to speak to you."

" What? But how do you even know him?" he frowned.

" You mentioned him in the car." she winked. " And I figured, why not call him up with your phone and tell him you're here." she shrugged. Sam smiled at her. " I also wanted to call your parents but Brad said that wouldn't be a good idea."

" Thank you." he grinned.

" No problem." she said, closing the door behind her. He started eating the croissant on the tray when the door opened again. Brad rushed towards him, squeezing him into an embrace.

" Are you okay?" he asked, clearly worried. Sam nodded.

" Why did you go to that club?" he asked, sitting next to him. Sam broke eye contact in shame.

" I just wanted to have some fun..."

" You're lucky you didn't get drugged."

" I'm here now, okay! And that's all that matters." Sam exclaimed, upset. Brad looked away.

" I texted Haley to tell her where you are. She was very worried."

" What about my parents?" Sam asked. Brad shrugged.

" I don't know. She didn't tell me if they were worried but I guess any parent would be."

Sam shook his head in disagreement. " Not mine. They probably wouldn't give a stuff if I didn't show up."

Brad didn't say anything. Sam finished his croissant and proceeded on to the apple.

" I know what you must be thinking." Sam presumed, gazing at Brad.

" What?"

" That my family is so dysfunctional."

Brad scoffed. " I wasn't thinking that. I was thinking Poor, Sam, something's troubling him but he won't tell me." he said, studying him with his piercing brown eyes. Sam lowered his gaze.

" I'm fine." he replied, curtly.

" I didn't ask you if you're fine. I'm asking you to tell me what's bothering you. And don't tell me nothing because I know you have issues." Brad gazed at him intently. Sam felt uncomfortable. They sat there in silence, none of them spoke for a long time. Then Sam cleared his throat.

" I swear, nothing's wrong. I just got drunk. A lot of people get drunk for no reason." he said, hoping that this excuse would finalize the uncomfortable conversation they were having.

" So, you're telling me you got drunk for no reason?" Brad asked, but Sam could tell he wasn't buying it. He nodded.

" Okay, then.." Brad sighed, giving in. " I know you don't feel comfortable opening up to people and maybe it's too soon for you to do that but I'll always be there for you, Sam." he said, holding his hand. Sam leaned onto his shoulder.

" I know."




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