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“Nyra, I am gonna be late for the interview! Stop dozing off in there!” Kavya shouted at her sister.

“What’s the problem? Why are you shouting at her?” Aparna, Kavya’s mother, shouted from the kitchen.

Kavya huffed and stomped towards the kitchen in a rage.

“Your precious little baby is still bathing! It’s been an hour ,Ma! I need to go! I am already late!” Kavya bawled.

“You should have planned your morning accordingly. You know Ny’s habits.” Aparna, Kavya’s mother, shrugged.

“Of course, you’ll blame everything on me!” Kavya groaned.

Aparna bobbed her head up and down, absent mindedly. Kavya rolled her eyes, shook her head, sighed and went back to her room.

She was growling and muttering the whole time as she pulled out her dress, put it on and sprayed perfume on herself.

She gave a quick peck on her Mom’s cheeks and rushed out of the house, cursing her sister.



Arjun woke up to the sound of his alarm. He scratched his head, stretched a little and then jumped out of his king-sized bed. Walking into the adjoining room, that he had converted into a gym, he started warming up with his eyes half-closed. After a couple of stretches and couple more Surya Namaskar, he could finally open his eyes to their full extent. He did his regular routine of situps, pushups, crunches, squats, planks, weight lifting and running on the treadmill. After this vigorous workout and then some more, he took a quick hot shower, changed into his suit and walked out of his room.

“Good morning, Beta!” Eshita, Arjun’s mother, hugged him.

“Good morning, Ma.” He murmured and joined his parents for breakfast.

“Myra is late again.” Abhimanyu, Arjun’s father, chided.

“Abhi, give her a break! She has just completed her graduation. Let her live a little now.” Eshita argued.

“I think Dad is right, Ma. She needs to learn a little bit of discipline.” Arjun protested.

“Of course, you’ll back up you father, Arjun!” Eshita shook her head.

Arjun and Abhimanyu shared a smile as the servants entered the room.The servants served them breakfast fit enough for ten people. Arjun grunted as a servant served him Poha.

“Arjun, Beta, you need to learn your manners too.” Eshita glared at Arjun after the servants had gone back into the kitchen.

Arjun waved her off. He didn’t not respect them, he just didn’t feel the need to thank them every time they served him.

“Good morning, guys!” Myra came bouncing cheerfully into the dining room.

“Good morning, honey! Did you sleep well?” Eshita smiled at her.

“Yes. As always!” She grinned.

She took her own breakfast, knowing the rule of arriving late -you serve yourself. Arjun thought that was a very small punishment for being late. He hated tardiness. Myra was the Queen of being tardy and lazy, the two things he detested.

“Why are you late, Myra?” Arjun asked.

“Won’t happen again!” She promised for the umpteenth time.

Arjun and Abhimanyu rolled their eyes, while Eshita smiled.  

“Arjun, I have a meeting today, so I won’t be able to take the interviews. You can take them, right?” Abhimanyu ordered.

“Can I go to the meeting..” He started.

“No. You need to learn this part of the job too.” He interjected.

Arjun grunted.

“Bhai, can you..” Myra started.

“No.” Arjun interrupted rudely, as he got up, and walked out.



Kavya reached five minutes late to her interview and breathed a sigh of relief, thinking,

Thank god! Five minutes is not bad at all.” 

She walked to the reception area and smiled at the receptionist.

“Good Morning!” Kavya grinned.

“How may I help you?” She sighed.

Grumpy in the morning? Seriously? I judge her.” Kavya thought.

“Yeah. I’m here for an interview.” Kavya smiled.

“The door has been closed five minutes ago.” She rolled her eyes.

Kavya gasped.

“Oh, this is a shitastrophy!” Kavya groaned.

“Shit-what?” the receptionist looked at her quizzically.

“Oh god! Never mind, can you see if anything can happen? Is there even a slight chance of getting in or even sneaking in?” Kavya asked desperately.

“I’ll see what I can do. Till then, can you please take a seat?” She picked up the receiver.

Everyone knows that’s the equal of – I cant do anything but I’ll keep you waiting.” Kavya mumbled and cursed Nyra yet again.

Kavya glared at the mental image of her sister, blaming her for this situation. Kavya’s eyes wandered around the huge hall with wonder. It was the size of her house. Her gaze stopped at a painting hung on the wall. She followed the strokes and curves the artist had drawn with awe. Just as she was about to turn her eyes to the next painting, her caller tune went off in quite a volume. Alarmed and embarrassed, she clumsily received the call.

“Hey Kavs!” Aarushi cried into the phone.

“Oh God, Aarush! My ears!” Kavya chuckled.

“How was the interview?” Aarushi asked, chuckling.

“I was 5 mins late because of Nyra and till then the doors were closed.” Kavya complained.

“The doors were closed? Are you sure?” Aarushi chuckled.

“Yeah, pretty sure.” Kavya sighed.

Meanwhile, the receptionist received a call from Kavya’s sister, Kyra.

“Ms. Kavya Agarwal, you have a call.” The receptionist spoke into the intercom.



“Close the doors of the corridor on time, Ms.Sharma. I don’t want tardy employees working for me.” Arjun ordered his secretary.

“Yes, sir. Anything else?” She asked politely.

“Yeah, a black coffee.” Arjun answered.

Sakshi Shah

Edited: 21.01.2021

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