Pirate:song of the Sea

Chapter One: Evening Abduction

Chapter One: Evening Abduction

The night turned out to have become one of the most elegant nights every woman would ever dreamed of on their celebration of noble birth.

And now with this much of diamonds trailed up hanging above the chandelier and all the expensive and luxurious details on the halls had been changed with gold and silver carvings as coat for the white wall. The floor changed into a pure white marble to compliment the view from above added up with the red long carpet aligned in the middle of the hall going up to the two separate staircase. Sure, every noble who came to witness her birth right would be jealous and envy the fortunes this lucky girl would inherit.

Morven sighed. She never asked for it to be this way. She wanted something normal that everyone could at least enjoy. It’s too awkward for her to even take a step out of that entrance door when given the moment that her father would call after his speech. She wanted to run away in her own party. She never really gets used of dealing this kind of celebration that it almost seems that her father was trying to insult his other noble friends as he had called it over showing off that he could spent and throw this kind of party with only a small portion of his wealth. His father's grin of satisfaction was the sign that he had succeeded over shutting down his noblemen down on the ground as if he was the richest man in the world. She always was aware that this is dangerous. Now that the doors are opened and he is out in the open without someone on the block of his free head, someone could actually kill him right now.

The girl blinked twice, returning back to reality, she glanced down irritated with the dress she wears. Heavy. Full of pearls as details. Its fitness was very uncomfortable that she could feel her skin wanting to set off free. She pulled it up with her two hands with a sign of complain in her pouting face as she stared at the door. If only she could outrun this one. Since at least today was her day, but remembering that she was actually a special performer in the menu, she had to be patient and must wait for her father's boastful rubbish about his wealth that honestly would attract more than enough pirate ship to bombard his elegant manor.

Daddy of hers really didn't want her to sing although her voice was the most beautiful of all. It was a magical voice that had placed the country nearly out of the map. Her song wasn't just made by humans, rather, it was the notes of the waves. Every song belonged a melody that no man had ever thought would exist and because of her, those impossible sonatas are heard. A song equivalent to harmony or destruction. And destruction was there. She once sang a high pitched song one time when she saw how the waves visited with unease, until the wave turned higher that almost devoured the island. Good thing her father managed to stop her before the highest note reached into her vocal and the sea lightly retreated. With guilt crept into her side too after finding out about the news on a cruise that sank into the sea and killed hundreds of passenger after that phenomena occurred, she decided never to sing. But music was the only thing she could enjoy aside from all her studies trying to pursue his father until the man gave in and gave her two conditions, never sing any song she learnt from the waves and play only the music made by men. She always knew that this is about her safety so without any further complain, she agreed to her father’s terms.

She stopped thinking for a while after hearing an announcement. It has been minutes since she was standing to the other side of the door where it would lead her to the stage below the twin staircase. She sighed, listened further to her father until the go signal was there where her father had introduced her into the crowds. She made her hand into a fist and pushed the double door, revealing her in her stunning night gown. And it made her more nervous when she saw herself surrounded by silence. People observing her very existence while she looked straight ahead to avoid everyone’s eyes that was fixated into her. She gave a serious formal expression for them to give her respect and at the same time to gather intimidation from the crowd before she starts her performance. Finally, it was time to put her attention into the untouched instruments and first approached the closest one, the violin that lays on top of the table. She lifted the instrument up placing it in-between her chin and shoulder closing her eyes and began to play her first notes. It gathered everyone’s attention from the stroke of the very first lane of the notes, until little by little it began faster and more alluring to hear. She sometimes lost it when she plays the instruments. Amazing enough, she even performed a concert piece on the northern part of her country where many people had come to visit just to see her strike those notes with an unimaginable charisma.

Her father always said that she was the only reminder that his father had married a musician, yet he never mentioned who her mother is. He just told her that her mother was the best musician he has ever met. Her beauty, knowledge, care and existence was the most perfect of all that she once thought was just his father’s boast since it was his late wife they were talking about. He never mentioned that her mother was dead nor did he say that she’s going back. But the hope of seeing her mother didn’t disappear, and that desire pursued into music, and that music had become her way of saying that she’s still there, waiting for her mother’s arrival. And so, that waiting became her most valuable talent, a gift.

She ended her first instrument with a bow, placing it back carefully into the table and made her way towards the piano. Morven carefully sat down on the chair and pressed the first key then another key until it started producing something wondrous. The audience seemed like they were petrified over the quick press of the keys as if they were running and the more they watch, the more they began to feel something strange… heartache… loss. She had showed it. The pain in her chest finally gave in and the people who have been watching felt the same feeling she had.

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