Moral lesson

It is wisely said that couples should not go to bed with an unsettled issue, just imagine, if they had settled their issue before both going to bed, if Sean had corrected her in a gentle voice and if she had explained herself to him in a soothing voice will they have had that misunderstanding and would she had ignored him the night he so much needed her help? If they both had let go of their pride and approached one another will one have lost his life and the other in serious heartbreak and regrets?

Couples both married and unmarried should always try to settle whatever misunderstandings they have before sleeping through the night, nobody is too big to say sorry, there is no magic word stronger than 'I'm sorry' and should people learn to say it whether they are at fault or not, somethings that were meant to end badly could be turned. If Sarah had had a forgiving heart and turned to answer Sean when he was tapping her, would she not have seen him in pain and then fetched him his inhaler thereby prolonging his life a little more longer?

Anger, malice and unforgivingness never end things in good ways but rather it always, always ends badly, sometimes to the ones we could right and sometimes to the ones we can't just like Sean's death.


Noboby, absolutely no one has ever been awarded as the best grudge keeper. We should all learn to let go a times and forgive.

Goodness Shadrach

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