Prophet Of Death

Chapter 17

     The week following the death of the Prophet was one of fear but the police and Homeland Security went out of their way to tell everyone the crisis was over. Agent Avery's work was done, but he stayed in town for an additional few days to attend the public burial of Detective Grozza, a gesture that was appreciated by both Pete and the people he worked with. Cops from all over the nation came out to attend the service as a long line of cops in their dress uniform walked behind the carriage that would carry Grozza to his final resting place. Abby insisted on taking the boys to the service as well, not only to support Pete and the burial of his partner but out of appreciation that he wasn't going in the ground with him. Pete understood her gesture and knew that if it hadn't been for Avery's vest, he would have been killed as well. It was a moment for Pete to reflect on where he had been and what the future held for him as well. He also thought about his mortality and even considered retirement while watching the officers fire their rifles in tribute to their fallen comrade. If he wasn't careful and walk away from the table while he was still ahead, this funeral might be a preview of what was waiting for him. Pete took the thoughts seriously and would have to think about it more in the coming weeks before the next psycho tried to take the Prophet's place. He didn't want to go on this roller coaster again, not when it came so close to harming his family.

     "This is not the time for those thoughts," Avery whispered behind him.

     "How do you know what I'm thinking?" Pete asked.

     "Most of the cops here are thinking it, too," Avery replied. "I'd be worried if you weren't thinking about it. I would recommend not making any rash decisions. Instead of quitting, I would consider other employment options."

     "You mean at the federal level?" Pete guessed.

     "After your work here with the Prophet," Avery started, "It wouldn't be hard to twist my superior's arms. We did make a rather good team."

     "I'll think about it," Pete said, unwilling to make promises.

     "Fair enough," Avery said, as he patted Pete on the back. "It's an open offer, feel free to contact us at any time."

     "I will," Pete said as the ceremony was just finishing. He walked his family back to their car and as the kids were getting in, he handed the keys to Jesse. "Take them all home for me."

     "Where are you going?" Jesse asked.

     "There's someone I need to speak with." Pete kissed her on the cheek. "I'll grab pizza on my way home. It won't take long."

     "Alright," Jesse said as she took the keys and got into the car. He watched as they slowly pulled away and followed the rest of the cars out of the cemetery and back onto the road. After the car was long out of sight, Pete turned to Avery, who was still within earshot.

     "Can you give me a ride, Agent Avery?" he asked.

     "No problem," Avery said as he walked over. "Where to?"

     "Blitzer Technologies," Pete answered. "I'd like to check in with Kyle."

     It took Avery less than twenty minutes to drive Pete to the corporate building of Kyle Blitzer's company. It was a very tall building, all glass, which refused to show anyone looking at it what was going on inside.

     "You coming?" Pete asked.

     "I'll pass," Avery said, not very interested. "I've got things to do."

     "Okay," Pete said as he hopped out, "Thanks for the ride."

     It was quite interesting for Avery to pass on joining him, considering the person Pete was about to visit. He slowly walked through the enormous lobby to the main desk where three women took calls.

     "Hi there," Pete said as he walked up and showed the lady his shield. "Detective Gibbons to see Mr. Blitzer."

     "Is he expecting you?" the lady asked.

     "No," Pete replied. "But I thought he might have a few minutes for the man who saved his life."

     "I'll check," the lady said as she picked up the phone. Moments later, she hung up and looked at him with a smile. "Go right up, Detective."

     Pete took the elevator to the top floor, which looked like it was reserved just for the top brass of the company. As he strolled down the hall, it was evident that the CEO's office was at the end, as it was enormous and took up a third of the entire floor. The office was all windows and you could see the city in three directions. Pete couldn't help but be impressed at the sight.

     "Nice view," he said as he strolled into the office.

     "Thanks," Kyle said as he stood up. He had a sling covering the hand that he lost the week before. "No matter how powerful you become, this view brings you down to earth and reminds you that you're nothing more than an ant on a very big anthill."

     "Good reason to have it, I guess." Pete shook the one hand that Kyle had left. "How are you feeling?"

     "I'm doing alright," Kyle admitted. "Being back at work helped a lot."

     "Nice to see you back at work," Pete said as he walked around the office.

     "Would you like a drink?" Kyle asked as he tried to be a good host.

     "I'm alright," Pete said as he kept looking outside.

     "Suit yourself." Kyle poured himself one. It was early afternoon but when you're the man, you don't have to ask for permission to take in some midday hooch. Not when your name is on the building.

     "I guess you've made out alright," Pete said.

     "I'm missing a hand," Kyle corrected him. "Not my idea of being okay."

     "It's not," Pete admitted as he finally turned to look at Blitzer. "It's a good thing the Prophet didn't know you were left-handed. That minimizes his punishment. The fact that you had shorts on more than half of the companies that were attacked is another lucky break for you as well, Mr. Blitzer."

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