Real Magic


The magic passed down by dragons is still around. You can see it in redheads with fiery tempers, as well as in the friend who waits for quite a while before bothering to get really angry about something. In the people who like hangliding and maybe own a wingsuit. In the people who like shiny things so much they almost can’t resist them. The people who hate getting rid of things and will do their very best to convince themselves they need that sweater that hasn’t fit since eighth grade. In the people who throw pinecones into campfires just to see the flames jump and hear the pop of the dry wood. In the firefighters who never seem to have a problem with the heat or the smoke.

A glimpse of centaurs is still here as well. In the kids who love riding motorcycles without a helmet just to feel the wind in their hair and on their faces. The kids who can run faster than anyone else. The kids who never get thrown off and can calm any horse that gets spooked. THe hurdlers who never trip and clear any obstacle with ease. The person who always and up hitting someone in the face with their ponytail and tends to kick or run when startled. The one girl who always has the best hair and knows how to do braids you’ve never heard of. The ones who eat healthy but anyone can get on their good side with a little sugar.

Unicorns too passed their magic on to the children of their human friends. You can see traces of what they gave in doctors and nurses who can calm the angriest of patients. The teachers who make every student feel special. Those teachers who you look at and think that if anyone on earth is an ethereal being, it’s them. The people who scare you a little bit but are so kind you adore them anyway. The one person kids always talk to. The one person who can make every problem seem easy to fix.

L. R. Heuck

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Story about: magic, fantasy, shortstory

Edited: 19.09.2019

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