Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Seven: The Visit

"How is she?" Melissa asked as she got in Andrew's car. "She's been doing fine. They said she'll be able to leave by the end of the week." He said starting the car. "That's good," Melissa said. "I'm glad to hear it." He nodded and started to drive. When they arrived, Andrew let out a breath. "You really scared me, mom!" He said as they walked into her hospital room. Mrs. Davidson patted his hand. "It'll take more than that to get me outta the game." She said. Melissa smiled. "I brought chocolate covered strawberries." She said holding up a small white box. She picked it up when she was at the restaurant with Liam. "Oh, bless you! One more pudding cup and salad and I would've gone insane!" She said smiling and taking the box. Melissa observed the bandages around her arms and legs. "Don't worry about me. Doctors said I'll be as good as new with minimal scarring." Mrs. Davidson smiled. "Say, Where's Sam?" Andrew asked. Melissa shrugged. "She hasn't talked to me since yesterday...." Melissa said thinking about what she said last night. She didn't seem that mad. She didn't get a chance to talk to her because she was busy researching for her part on the group project with Hunter. "Which is still awkward to think about....." She thought to herself. 


After her visit, Melissa texted Samantha. 

Melissa: Where are you?

No reply. She sighed. "Still no answer?" Andrew asked as he drove back to Copperville. "No. It's kinda strange." She said. "Maybe she's away from her phone? Or it's dead?" Andrew asked. Melissa doubted that. "Oh well. We'll see her Monday, I guess." She shrugged. After they reached town. they saw a crowd of people around town hall. "Is that the NEWS?" Andrew said slowing down. "" They stared at the scene as they drove by. There were a couple of news anchors at the court house going around asking people questions. "I bet it's about the supers that showed up." Andrew said. "So much for our peaceful quiet town....." Melissa said frowning sadly. She enjoyed this small town because there were never uproars or lots of people fighting. The only time they were mentioned on the news is if there was a natural disaster or something. "Y'know how Sam said she wanted revenge...." Melissa said. "Yeah, you told me..." Andrew said slowly realizing. "You don't think she......" "Did all of this to get his attention?...."


By the time they had drove to her house, Melissa already had her phone ringing. "SAM! Tell me you DID NOT get the press involved." Melissa exclaimed. "No! I had nothing to do with-"Also why didn't you ANSWER ME?!" Melissa interrupted. "I was kinda held u-"You know what, get OVER HERE, GIRL!" Andrew interrupted this time. "Alright, alright, just be ready for when we get there....." She said hanging up."We?" Melissa raised a brow. "What's wrong? Is she coming over?" Andrew asked. "Yeah......I swear if she legit called the news over here....... " Melissa shook her head. "I doubt that," Andrew responded. "Besides what are they gonna do? Chant the guy's name until he shows up? They'll probably leave after a while anyway." After a few minutes, Samantha showed up. "Uh, hey." She said. Melissa ran up to her. "Where were you?!?!?!? Andrew's mom wanted to see you!" Melissa exclaimed. "Well.....that's the thing....." She trailed off. "What?" Melissa questioned. "Knockity Knockity..." Melissa's eyes widened as the guy in the blue suit suddenly walked through her front door. He had a voice distorter, so his voice sounded really deep. "What in the....." Melissa trailed off. "Speechless? I know. I have that effect on people." The super joked, flexing his muscles. Melissa cringed and Andrew let out an audible sound of disgust. "Sam...Why is this weirdo standing in my house right now?" Melissa said, completely ignoring what he was saying. "Hey! I'm right here you know!!" Melissa put her hand up to shush him. "Well...I didn't call him or anything...He just kinda showed up at my house. Apparently, he heard I wanted justice for Mrs. Davidson?" Samantha said. "Sam....." Andrew said looking disappointed.. "She's just fine. you didn't have to do this." Samantha threw her hands up. "That's the thing! HE came to ME!" Samantha said, defending herself. "It's true. I heard about it so I'd thought I'd drop by, y'know. See what the plan was." The blue super said adding way too much swagger in his voice to be taken seriously. Melissa crinkled her nose. This guy was obviously not a professional. "Look, blue guy,-" Melissa started. "Ah, the name is Celadon." He said, shooting finger guns her way. This deepened the lines on her face. He did not just do finger guns to the finger gun master... "Anyway, there is no plan. You can go home or whatever. Never return and all that. I never knew you, and all of that good stuff." She said shoving him towards the door. There was a blue blur and suddenly he was next to Samantha, leaning an arm on her shoulder. "You see, as my JOB,... I gotta bring "justice" to the world, and all that jazz." Celadon said looking at his gloved hand. "I don't think this guy is legit...." Andrew whispered to her. Meanwhile, Samantha stood uncomfortably as the blue super leaned against her. "Ok, I gotta ask. What's with the man bun" Andrew asked referring to the puffball on Celadon's head. "It's called fashion, bro. Look it up." Celadon said. "Excuse you, my mother invented fashion." Andrew replied sassily. Samantha held back a laugh.


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