Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)

Chapter Forty One: HEY FROSTY LOCKS!

Melissa's eyes widened. If they were in a different atmosphere she would have been embarrassed, but now she was just shocked. "Nice to finally see you all in one place....No, where's the nerdy kid?" She asked looking through them. Did she mean Andrew? Samantha glared at her. "Oh well. He wasn't that close with you anyway." She said to Hunter. Hunter took a few steps back, confused. "What are you talking about?!" He said, facing his mother. She let out another belt of laughter. "Can't you see? I'm here to reunite my family." She said, pushing her sunglasses up on her head. "Family? You abandoned me and my sister. Besides, I have a family now. Friends." He said, looking over his shoulder at Melissa and Samantha. "What about your old friend. Dear Ol' Liam?" She asked, nodding at Liam. A pained expression crossed his face, his eyes going back to normal for a moment, then back to orange. Manipular's face seemed to twitch. Melissa narrowed her eyes on him. "He tried to drive a wedge in my faith! A life or crime. When I said no, he tried to punish me for it!" Hunter said, sounding close to tears. As they continued to talk, Melissa nudged her mom and Samantha. "I have an idea but we need to distract them." She said motioning to Manipular and Liam. Her mom pulled out a walkie-talkie looking device and pressed a button. "What are you doing?! They might hear us!" Samantha said. Melissa's mom shot her a look. "I'm calling for help." She said, then turned to Melissa. "Hope your idea's good." She said, the walked a few steps towards. "HEY FROSTY LOCKS!" She yelled, waving her hands. Liam and Manipular turned to them. "What's this?" He asked. Melissa then turned to Samantha. "Sam, I need you to make me appear behind him." She said. Her mother continued to distract the two men as Samantha grabbed Melissa's hand. "I don't know if I can control this well..." She said, the whistle noise growing. Liam noticed, narrowing his eyes at them. "What are you-" Snap. Suddenly, they were right in front of them instead of behind them. "Not good." Samantha said. Melissa panicked. "UH, HI!" She said, waving her hand wildly in Manipular's face. He looked surprised, stumbling a few steps back. Melissa's mom rushed forward and tackled Liam. "HEY!" He let out. Manipular finally got hold of Melissa's wrists and pushed her to the side. Samantha ducked as Manipular made a swing at her. "HEY!" Hunter yelled, noticing the fight. His mom threw a large wave of blue fire around him. "We're talking." She said. Hunter turned back to glare at her. Melissa noticed an incoming image in the sky and pulled Samantha to the side. Manipular looked at them confused, then turned. SLAM! The figure barreled into Manipular. Samantha blinked. "What?" She said. One minute he was in front of them, the next he wasn't. "Is that Flight?!" She asked. Flight stood up. "The one and only. Sorry it took so long." She said. Manipular jumped up. Liam broke free from Melissa's mom and all of a sudden ran at Melissa. Her eyes widened as he slammed into her, her breath knocked out of her. Her surroundings blurred around her, wind furiously whipping around her head. Was he taking her somewhere?! She struggled to push him. "Stop! Let me go!" She yelled. A few more moments passed, then he stopped. Melissa fell to the ground, barely catching her breath again. "Don't move for a few minutes. You'll get sick." He said to her. Melissa's vision was still blurry as if she spun in circles. She jumped to her feet and swayed. "Hey, I said-" She pushed his hand back as he tried to help her. "What did you do? Where are we?!" She asked, looking around. The small pond...She was almost out of town! "I brought you away from the fight." He said. She looked at him, finally gaining a normal vision. His eyes weren't orange anymore. "Your friend was controlling you." She said. Liam rolled his eyes and gave a humourless laugh. "Trust me, we're not friends. This was just supposed to be a simple job." He said crossing his arms. "Simple job?!" Melissa said, getting angry. "MY HOUSE IS BURNT! MY TOWN IS ON FIRE!" She said. "Well, your alive aren't you? Do you know how many times he tried to make me-...." He cut himself off and crossed his arms. "I'm leaving." He said waving a hand in the air, turning to leave. Melissa reached out and grabbed his shoulder. "NO, you have to take me back!" She exclaimed. 


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