Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)


Weeks had passed. Liam had left, and the town was repairing. Hunter decided to finish school and graduated. "What are you going to do now?" Melissa asked, sitting across from him. They were on a date in the diner. "I don't know. I guess do some jobs for H.O.F." Hunter said. "No college?" Melissa asked. "Nah, not my thing." He said. Melissa rolled her eyes. "Besides I want to wait and be here when you graduate too." He said. Melissa smiled. "That's a whole year of waiting." She said. "I think I'll manage." He said, taking a bite of his food. "Psst! Are you guys gonna kiss?" Samantha whispered a table away, a fake mustache on. They both looked over and saw Samantha and Andrew. "SAM? WHAT THE HECK!? Is that a mustache?" She asked, tilting her head. "Yeah, it's called a disguise," Samantha said as if it were obvious. Hunter leaned over. "I think your friends are weird." Melissa laughed. "Yeah, I think they are." She whispered back. Oscar barked from under the table. "YOU PUT A MUSTACHE ON THE DOG?!!?!?!?" Melissa laughed. 




Emerald tapped away on the keyboard. She was so close. Bingo! "I've finally got something." She said waving Strong Claw over. He came over and leaned to see what she had. "She's been living in an apartment. New York. Barely anything on her records. She's got a job in a convenient store." Emerald said. "No social media or anything," she said. "As if she's trying to lay low..." Emerald trailed off. "Noted. Well done. I think I have just the person for the job." He said. Emerald turned to the side and gasped. "Really? Are you sure?! We only just recruited him!" Emerald said. "I can hear you, ya' know." The super in the white and purple suit said, crossing his arms. "It's to test how he faires. His first assignment." Strong Claw said. "And you can go with him." He said. Emerald blinked in surprise. "To New York?!?" She exclaimed. "Is there a problem with that?" Strong Claw asked. "No, I supposed it's not." She said. "Very well." Strong Claw said. "Cathode, you and Emerald will head to New York to find Ava Gardens. Understood?" Strong Claw asked. "Yes, sir." Cathode said. "Shall we?" He asked, turning to Emerald. She sighed. This was going to be a long trip.....


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