Stories of the Raven Queen

The Visit

The streets of Rio Luna were silent, a typical evening in this small southwestern village. Jessica was working the nightshift at the only convenience store in town. The silence was broken by several loud motorcycle engines, pulling up to the gas pumps outside.

“Good evening.” Jessica smiled, “How can I help you?”

There was no response from the three, leather clad, bearded men. She watched as they made their way through the aisles. A nervous feeling began to well up in the pit of Jess’ stomach. Strangers…? She did not recognize these men.

They approached the counter, “Will this be all for you?”

“Nope, we’ll take whatever ya got in that cash register…NOW!!”

Jessica gasped as the three men surrounded her; the tallest one pulled out a revolver and held it to her side.

Many things then happened all at once…

A sickly-sweet voice said, “Not tonight boys…”

The man with the gun pulled the trigger.

Jessica…howled with laughter!

A dark shadow passed through the room.

The three men lay dead on the floor…drained.

“Glad you came to visit, Aunt Lilith?”

“Yes, my dear, you always serve a mighty fine spread, they were delicious.”


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Edited: 04.10.2019

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