Taming Davis

Chapter 2

The interview of Davis from Max Magazine is pushed through. Ava talked to Grace and settled the time and place where it will be held.


"George, let's go to Alpha Suites!" Ava informed George, she was with Davis in the back seat who's just staring at the outside view without saying anything.


"Here!" Ava threw a sheet of paper on Davis.


"Read it! It's the questions Grace will ask you." She commanded without looking at him. Davis remained silent. He just looked at the paper.


Ava was so shocked when Davis suddenly opened the car window on his side and throw the paper she gave him.


"What do you think are you doing?" Ava is heating up already, her nerves are coming out of rage.


"You underestimate me so much, Ms. CEO!" He said and smirked. He lifted himself from his seat and slowly, he bent closer to Ava.


"Are you sure you just find me an easy man?" He whispered beside her ear which made her earlobe blushed in redness.


"Stay away from me you filthy asshole!" Ava pushed him away so fast, nailing him back on his sit.

"Geez! You look fiercer but you're just one of those who are easy to tease." Davis laughed, which made George look at them.


"You?!! Stop laughing!" Ava feels so irritated and annoyed, she got one of her small pillows in her car and throw it at him.


I think madam is really enjoying.George thought, looking at them in the front mirror, and he smiled.


"What are you smiling at?!!" Ava saw George, and right away, she scolded him.


"Sorry, madam!" George immediately said, but his eyes were showing much glee from Ava and this man she's with.


"Begone, the evil empress is mad, now the world is in danger!" Davis even teased her more; he opened the car window and started saying this from people and places they pass by.


Ugh! What a pain in the nerves! Ava just ignored him, she chose to respect her human sense than fighting with Davis which only leads to useless arguments.


"You just wait, time will allow me to fire you! " she thought and heaved a sigh.



20 minutes later, Ava and Davis arrived at Alpha suites hotel in Ayala Avenue Extension. They were at the entrance when a stunning and gorgeous woman approaches them. She's wearing a so-revealing dress, her cleavage is popping out, her dress was cut so low, nearly revealing the humps of her butt.


When Davis' sight reaches the woman who is going to their direction, he outpaces Ava and immediately entertained the woman.


"Hi!" Davis said and showed her his ever attractive smile.


"Hello! Mr. Davis right?" The woman, who seems to fell on his charm so fast, said this and her eyes can't even leap Davis, neglecting Ava's presence behind them.


"Ahmm! Excuse me?" Ava saw how flirty this man is (Davis), and how stupid is the woman who fell off his cunning charm.


"Uhm Yes?" The woman said, without even turning to see who it was.


Davis is now holding her hands and is massaging them, igniting a great feeling of pleasure on the woman.


"I just want to tell you that YOU ARE FIRED!" When she said this, the pair of eyes looked at her in confusion.


Ava's arm is crossed together under the curves of her breast. She raised her brow, showing how vicious she is.


"Oh, Madam Ava! I'm so sorry! Please, consider me this time Madam!" She let go of Davis' hands and turned to beg for her understanding.


"You're not even doing your job properly, why did Grace even hire you in the first place?!" Ava walked passed her, her eyes are so sharp like a dagger who can kill anyone with one hit.


"And You! Don't make me repeat myself." She pointed at Davis who's left speechless in the scene. Without having a second glance at them, she made her way into the dressing room.


Grace Bernardo is the chief editor of Max Magazine. She is a great friend of Ava. Ava invested in her company when it is just starting when it is still far away from having to be the top magazine company they're today. It's Ava who helps Grace, and so with Max Magazine, therefore, Grace pays high regard and respect to whatever Ava decided to do and achieve in-line with her company.


"Grace, are you not wearing your glasses when hiring your employees?" When Ava is on the way to the dressing room, she found Grace in the open room with her glam team.


"Hey! Sissy! " Grace immediately rises from her seat and turned to greet Ava, giving each other a smacking kiss in their cheeks.


"What made your brows meet again?" Grace chuckled as she looks at how stress Ava looks like.


"It's not what. It's who." Ava said angrily, she sat next to the stool where Grace is and crossed her legs.


"Loisa? The one I ordered to meet you? Why? What happened?" Grace asked in her very low voice, she's currently having her make-up done.


"So her name is Loisa huh?" She scowled.


"What preference do you consider in picking your people?" Ava asked, still in her not-so-good mood.


"Sissy, Loisa is a very good girl. She's nice to everyone, she does her work properly and outstandingly than anyone else in my company, that's why I chose her to pick up a high-class delicate boss like you!" Grace giggled and pinch Ava's hand.


Ava looked at Grace with an annoying look, "Very good? At what? Flirting?" Ava rolled her eyes.


"Sissy, don't worry, whatever is her mistake, I'll make sure she'll reflect on it," Grace said and embrace Ava's shoulder.


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